February 13, 2019

VMM would be nothing without the women who support it. We absolutely love showing off all the latest sparkles and showing you how easy it is to add a touch of vintage to your modern look.

There is something so special about wearing vintage jewelry and jewelry in general. It is true, it’s that one little special touch that sets us apart from the rest. We are so lucky to be surrounded by women who embrace this philosophy and share their sparkle with the rest of the world. It is simply amazing to be in the company of so many special women who embrace their unique style and share it wherever they go, it truly is a gift.

That is why we have a special gift for every single one of you tonight! It’s Galentine’s so let this be a year-round reminder that you are loved and celebrated. I thought, how would I ever get to send each and every single one of you a Valentine?

Please enjoy this gorgeous print that can be downloaded, printed out and displayed.
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This print is special for so many reasons: the quote is true. Beauty does begin the moment you decided to be yourself just like the famous style icon Coco Chanel herself said. Just like timeless style, these flowers won’t fade. Also, this beautiful piece was commissioned for you and designed by one of our own talented team members, Leanne Flowers.

Happy Galentine’s Day! Thank you for being part of the Vintage Meet Modern Movement and sharing your sparkle everywhere you go.

Veronica and the Vintage Meet Modern Family

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