Collection Sneak Peek: Refresh and Renew

January 03, 2021

I am very excited to present to you our first official collection of the year. I have decided to call it the "Refresh and Renew" Collection.

Many times January is the start of something new and fresh. A time to clear out what no longer serves us or commit to some new goals including taking better care of oneself.

It dawned on me that there are many ways to celebrate the New Year without a drastic makeover or completely purging your belongings. Many of us also make the resolution or goal to be less wasteful, more intentional with what we do and what we have.

It seemed more than appropriate to inspire everyone with a collection that felt refreshing and easy to wear. I also challenged myself to find pieces that would literally be “renewed” by being worn by all of you, sort of an ode to how vintage jewelry is more than collecting and pretty little baubles but the intentionality that legacies live on through jewelry when they become part of new woman’s style story.

These pieces are examples of fine workmanship, colors that easily lend themselves to how real women dress today and have a nod to the nostalgia that so many of us love when we look at antique and vintage jewelry that simply cannot be found while shopping mainstream department stores and boutiques today.

It’s time to renew and refresh your look through small details that can make a world of difference to your personal style and self-confidence, too.


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Every piece is one-of-kind and out of production,
so keep in mind that we do sell out fast!

If you love to wear vintage jewelry or are interested in adding pieces to your collection, we encourage you to come and share your style in the Vintage Meet Modern Styling Society!

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