Collection Sneak Peek: The Legend of Jewelry Collectors and Collections

February 26, 2020

Legends and Legacy is the theme this month. In February, we celebrated our love for jewelry, and this month we are talking about the incredible women who wear our pieces.

As this week’s collection came together, I also wanted to reference great collections and collectors, too!

Elizabeth Taylor came to mind, especially her love affair with jewelry as a collector and how she wore it. Liz is a great example of someone who loved jewelry as much as we do. She enjoyed many aspects of it, including how to wear the jewelry, treasuring the workmanship of each piece, and the history of it all. We even have a few pieces that feel like they are straight out of Liz’s famed jewelry box.

Bracelet courtesy Vintage Meet Modern

Movies - We can’t really talk about Liz’s jewelry box without mentioning all the incredible on-screen roles she has played. One of my favorites (and I know many of yours, too) is Cleopatra. Talk about jewelry eye candy: many of the pieces in our collection this week were inspired by the bold, dramatic, elegant, pieces seen in this classic legendary film.

Jewelry courtesy Vintage Meet Modern

Faux and Fabulous

This week’s collection also celebrates pieces so fabulous that they are actual replicas of museum work. Egyptian revival jewelry actually went through a huge resurgence after the debut of Cleopatra, and it’s no wonder that they did because Egyptian Jewelry was and is truly incredible and celebrates the art of adornment. Egyptians took great pride in their jewelry and wore it for many reasons, including a sign of class, distinction and even to connect with their spiritual side. The complexity, details and workmanship of their pieces are still marveled and appreciated thousands of years later. Some might say “costume jewelry” or faux jewelry was even invented by the Egyptians, those who could not afford pieces made from precious metals or gemstones would fashion pieces made from glass and wooden beads.

Jewelry courtesy Vintage Meet Modern

Spring Break

All this talk of exotic places has me lusting after a Spring Break Getaway or at least a bit of a wanderlust adventure! So whether you are headed out of town to Tulum or a day in the city exploring museums with the family, this collection is Spring Break ready. We know this week’s collection will pair perfectly with frocks from Anthropologie to Halsbrook. The pieces are bouncy, breezy, and carefree.


Rings courtesy Vintage Meet Modern


Earthy Tones

I noticed the other day our grass is actually getting greener and a few of our spring bulbs are already beginning to pop through the mulch, so this collection is also a sign of spring, natural earthy colors, jade green, warm browns, and sky blues. Perfect to pair with linens, blush, and all of your go-to neutrals.

Jewelry courtesy Vintage Meet Modern

Runway to Reality

Last but not least, Haute Couture! NYFW is over, and Paris Fashion Week is just beginning. I love to look through the archives of past famous fashion houses and this week, I really enjoyed looking at past runway shows from Givenchy Couture during the 80s and 90s. I’ve included authentic pieces from that era. I always say part of the fun of collecting designer vintage jewelry is you actually get to own a piece of couture that always fits and even appreciates in value.

Vintage Givenchy Couture
(image via Pinterest)

Jewelry courtesy Vintage Meet Modern

These are just a few of the highlights! This collection has so many incredible pieces that are all completely wearable within your modern lifestyle, and I just know you are guaranteed to find something so fabulous that you’ll wear it on repeat and have it become part of your own style legacy.

So who’s excited about our latest finds?


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