Arm Candy - Gifts for Bracelet Lovers

November 18, 2020

Got a gal who loves arm candy? We have some great ideas to make her smile this holiday season.

Londontown Hand Lotion

Seeing is believing. I was a bit skeptical that this product could refresh your hands and fight signs of aging as it claims but it totally does. I personally love this product, it has a luxurious feel and it’s very easy to use, I put some on before I go to bed and it’s like a wonder-lotion. It helps nourish your hands and moisturizes your cuticles/nails. Most bracelet loving gals love to admire their bracelets so a gift that helps keep your hands looking young and fresh is an awesome gift.


Some new arm candy will delight the bracelet loving gal (plus it’s less calories) VMM is proud to offer a wide variety of bracelets, out of production vintage that can’t easily be sourced again and each piece is unique, we only have one. So put a smile on their face with a new treasure for their collection. PS - if you need any help picking the perfect piece out, we can totally help you with that.


Bracelet lovers want to show off their bracelets no matter the time of year. That is why I always recommend ¾ sleeve tops and sweaters. What a thoughtful gift to complement their bracelets, practical, too.


Bracelets and larger jewelry require a larger tray. Personalized gifts always wow the recipient, the added touch of monogramming creates a memorable gift. I really love this one because it is longer which is perfect for long bracelets. It’s a great size because there is room for other baubles like necklaces and earrings, too.


With so many people switching to Apple or Smartwatches why not treat them to some unique bands. Chances are if you love bracelets, you are going to want your watch to be a reflection of your favorite type of jewelry, bracelets. With a huge variety of styles and price points.

Fun gifts, right? These would all make lovely gifts for your bracelet loving gal, especially because all of these are super practical. From tops to trays, and other thoughtful finds, you are to be told you're the best gift giver ever when they open up one of these.


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