Rings & Things - Gifts For the Ring Lover

November 18, 2020

Rings and things make wonderful gifts. For all of you who know a ring loving gal, here are 5 fabulous ideas to “dazzle” them this Holiday Season:

The Dazzle Stick

This handy little thing is perfect for all jewelry lovers. Keep your favorite ring sparky on the go. It’s convenient, practical and reasonably priced. Priced at $10 on Amazon, these also make a great stocking stuffer.

Luxe Mani Set - Taylor Made Cosmetics

Get the secret to a fabulous mani (and hand care in general) with a Manicure Set from Taylor Made Cosmetics. The Taylor Made Luxe mani set is a must-have for any ring loving gal - a great mani and fabulous rings go hand in hand. This luxurious set is like a trip to the spa at home and you can also feel great knowing that Taylor Made’s hand scrub is organic and nail polish is 10 Free, making it free of toxins and chemicals. Bonus, it comes beautifully packaged and ready to delight your ring loving gal.


If you have ever found a bauble that you would like to stop turning when you wear it or you have a ring you love but it's just a little too big, Ring Snuggies are another great gift. Again at a reasonable price, they also make a great stocking stuffer.

Ring dish

There is a lot of education on ring care. A true ring lover knows it’s important not to wear your ring while you do dishes, garden, even sleep at night so protect your investment or sentimental treasure with a beautiful ring dish. A Waterford Classic Ring Dish with the spike is elegant and timeless. While there are many ring dishes available a ring dish with a spike allows you to place the ring on the cone and stay in place. A crystal ring dish is timeless and while your personal tastes may change throughout the years, a timeless piece of crystal-like yours is made to last a lifetime.


Ring lovers love rings, it’s their thing! With an ever growing and changing collection, VMM offers a large assortment of rings in all shapes and sizes, and many vintage rings are even adjustable, which takes the stress out of knowing someone’s size. Vintage rings make a great gift because they are unique and out of production. Picking something that cannot easily be sourced again and is also out of production shows just how much you care about giving someone something truly unique.

Pick one, pick them all. You are sure to delight any ring loving gal with these beautiful gifts.

Happy Holidays,

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