April 02, 2020

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If you follow Vintage Meet Modern and the messages I share in our Styling Society Groupon Facebook, you’ll know that I’m super passionate about sustainable fashion and wearing what you already own in your closet (yes, I am a total outfit repeater)! I believe it is important to think of different ways to wear outfits you already have and incorporate various accessories and colors to change your look.

vintage meet modern tips on how to wear neutrals

Neutrals are amazing because they have so much duplicity, and they can easily be worn in different ways. They go with everything, and they’re the appropriate color choice to wear under all circumstances. Plus, neutrals come in a variety of shades and styles that compliment every skin tone and body shape.

Under the strict fashion definition, neutral colors consist of black, white and grey, which are staples in many womens’ closets including my own. Neutrals also include ivory, beige, taupe, khaki and brown.

The positive side of neutrals is that they go with everything, and there are shades that look flattering on everyone. The down side of neutrals is that, because they go with everything, you might possibly feel bored when you look at your wardrobe.

Here is my guide for how to look flawless while wearing neutrals and tips to help you maximize your neutral wardrobe. You are sure to feel inspired every time you pull together an outfit composed of these essential colors!

Tip 1 - The All Neutral Look

You can easily create a captivating look by combining soft complementary tones. An elegant style tip is to wear shades of neutral together like white, ivory, cream and beige for a very classy look. Try adding some darker accessories to this lighter look for a bit of edge and sophistication

Tip 2 - Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Never want to grow bored of your neutral-colored closet? The magic is in the accessories! When you embrace neutrals as your canvas, your accessories set you apart. They are the artist’s touch, the crown jewel of your personal style. You can change the look of your neutral ensemble simply by adding accessories. Want to feel instantly more glam while wearing your favorite white button-up? Pop on your pearls or rhinestone necklace. Looking for more of a boho-chic style? Add a straw hat and leather cord wrap bracelet. Date night with the beau? Stilettos and statement earrings will never let you down! Jewelry and accessories will easily help you create different looks with your neutral clothing, and they’ll also extend the life of the clothes you invest in by reinventing how they look over and over again.

Tip 3 - Textures Are Your Friend

Another great tip for wearing neutrals is to play with subtle patterns and textures. Just like in interior design, layering textures will make a neutral wardrobe interesting and attractive. Some suggestions include wearing a cotton knit tee with linen pants or wearing a silk blouse with wool pants.

Tip 4 - Creams & Earth Tones

Build a wardrobe around creams and earth tones. When most people think of neutrals, they probably think black or white, literally. But cream and earth tones are perfect neutrals to wear because they are more complementary to skin tones. You can really elevate your look through these tones without looking too jarring.

Tip 5 - Structured Neutrals Are Confident

Structured neutrals can help you accentuate the positive and leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Structured clothing can really help you look and feel your best! Take advantage of all the cuts and styles available, like paper bag waist trousers, to give you more of a waist and create height. Wrap tops will help you broaden your shoulders, and asymmetrical cuts can even make you look thinner. Play with different styles and cuts when picking neutrals because we all have to get dressed in the morning, and you should never settle for feeling ho-hum...you should always look and feel amazing every day!

Tip Number 2 touched on how to wear neutrals by adding accessories to your look, but let me say this to all of my vintage jewelry lovers and those who are just getting interested in vintage jewelry:

If you love vintage jewelry but think to yourself, “I love it but I don’t know how to wear it or what to wear it with,”...wear it with neutral colors!

Every single piece we have will always look amazing with neutral colors like black, white, grey, cream, beige and brown, and chances are you already have one or all of those colors hanging in your closet.

Here are just a few pieces that have the power to transform your neutral-colored clothes over and over again. No fuss, always fabulous.

vintage meet modern tips on how to wear neutrals



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