How To Wear Spring Fling Collection

March 13, 2020

Discover tips on how to wear our new Spring Fling vintage jewelry collection with a special audio recording from our owner and founder Veronica Staudt. Find brooches, earrings, necklaces and scarves designed with pretty pastels and blooms that are perfect for the spring season!

With over 20 years in the jewelry and styling industry, Veronica has gained extensive knowledge on how to help women look and feel their best. She receives many questions in her inbox daily from customers and followers on social media who ask for advice on how to wear their modern clothing with their vintage beauties.

If she doesn’t know the answer, her sources run pretty deep. So from time to time, she enlists the expertise of others.

In this special episode, Veronica features tips on how to wear our latest collection, plus she discusses a topic we received in our inbox from a customer.

Listen to the audio here, and read on for more tips from Veronica!

Our VMM collection is curated to work with your modern life, whether you wear jeans and tees or dress in head-to-toe vintage everyday.

Lovelies, most days I am the former over the latter, but I also hear you when you say, “I am intrigued by vintage clothing because I love vintage jewelry, but I don’t know where to start.”

My hope is that this week’s Style Guide on how to wear our pieces with vintage clothing will inspire you to not just shop for vintage jewelry but add a few special vintage frocks to your closet, too. Be sure to read to the end because I have a link to something that is a game changer when it comes to helping you style your everyday look!

Look 1 - Petal Pusher Power

Before everyone wore capris, there were pedal pushers. During the 50s and 60s, we saw Audrey Hepburn literally pedaling around in these cute little above-the-ankle pants and saw Jackie Kennedy walking down the streets of New York in them. They became an instant classic because of how comfortable they were. This easy-to-wear style is perfect to pair with bright and beautiful vintage jewelry!

My example look features a light purple pair of petal pushers and a yellow knit sweater. I would suggest pairing this look with a sweet little brooch, a double stranded vintage necklace, and maybe even a bright floral print scarf.

Look 2 - Vibrant Florals

Day dresses during the 1930s frequently featured floral prints — a look we still love today! Day dresses were meant to be easy and breezy, allowing a woman to move in her clothes and not feel confined by them. We still love this style today, and it looks amazing with jewelry from all eras.

The colorful vintage dress was meant for vintage jewelry. It has a myriad of colors, and so many of you tell us that you gravitate towards vintage jewelry because of those vibrant colors. As you sashay your way through the day in this dress, you should pair it with a gorgeous Victorian Inspired Garnet Crystal Necklace or an Art Deco Red and Clear Cut Graduated Crystal Bead Necklace.

Look 3 - Time to Suit Up

If you need a power suit, how about a vintage one? When I talk about vintage jewelry and the history and uniqueness of it, I frequently reference how sets or “demi-parure/parures” were considered to be decadent. The ability to have all the matching pieces of jewelry was coveted.

Vintage suits are much the same. While today women who wear suits usually invest in separates, if you want a realwow look, be sure to wear a two-piece vintage suit with a matching set of jewelry. You are sure to turn heads everyone you go, plus you are investing in pieces that can truly multiply your looks: wear the pieces together, wear the pieces apart, wear the jacket with jeans and a tee, wear the skirt with a cashmere sweater...the possibilities are endless!

P.S. I love the suit below because that collar was made for brooches!

The example suit I mentioned is a gorgeous bright blue, but the cut and color is what makes it so fantastic for jewelry! It has large lapels that are perfect backdrops for small and large brooches. This week’s collection had some real show stopping brooches, and this style is perfect for large classic diamante brooches or colors, too.

I have paired this suit with a brooch that is 5 inches long and also a more traditional Art Deco Diamante Brooch and Earrings Set. For those of you who are just beginning to dabble in wearing and collecting vintage jewelry, these pieces are part of our regular rotation of styles we offer here at Vintage Meet Modern.

Look 4 - Adventures Await

Today is a new day, darling and adventure awaits! Vintage clothing is the perfect backdrop to pair with your vintage jewelry and your desire to add a little old Hollywood glam wherever you go without the big 1950s Dior Ball Gown. (I know, I wish I could wear a ball gown to the grocery store too but admittedly, it’s probably not the most practical while running around with three children!) But there are pieces that you can find and invest in that are chic, stylish, sustainable and can be worn around town on your daily adventures. I simply adore this higher neckline, because it’s perfect to layer with multi-strand statement necklaces, a great brooch, a statement ring or earrings.

Our last example look does feature a higher neckline, and I have to say higher necklines are very practical and can easily be accessorized. Plus, I still know many women who are conscious about cleavage and while a necklace will sit on their chest/neck area, a higher neckline really solves that problem before it’s even an issue. I have selected a chunky aqua and faux pearl double strand necklace to go with this look and also a White Crown Trifari Brooch Set which really pops against the blues, greens and violets in the top.

Vintage Chunky Aqua and Faux Pearl Bead Double Strand Necklace by Czech - Vintage Meet Modern Vintage Jewelry - Chicago, Illinois - #oldhollywoodglamour #vintagemeetmodern #designervintage #jewelrybox #antiquejewelry #vintagejewelry

Be sure to head over toVMM to learn more about all of the pieces mentioned plus links to shop.

So who wants to go shopping for vintage clothing now? I found all of these looks to pair with this week’s collection while sitting on my couch. I used the Gem.App and discovered so many looks, it was hard for me to pick just four to share with you. And guess what?! You can even find Vintage Meet Modern on the Gem.App too!

What’s the Gem.App? It’s only one of the most fabulous ways to shop for vintage and sustainable goods online, and recently I was so lucky to have a chat with the founder Liisa via Facebook Live. Liisa told us all about this amazing little app and gave us some tips on how to start shopping for vintage online.

If you love to wear vintage jewelry or are interested in adding pieces to your collection, we encourage you to come and share your style in theVintage Meet Modern Styling Society!

Got questions or an outfit that you would like to see paired with vintage jewelry? Email us

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