March 11, 2019

Hi everybody. It's Veronica here from Vintage Meet Modern, and I'm very excited because I am sharing today with you a topic that you for a very long time have been asking about over and over again, which is, how do I know so much about vintage jewelry? Well, besides being my passion and being raised around it, I want to let you in on a little something secret. Starting a vintage jewelry collection is much like starting any other collection. It's an easy thing to start by actually picking up books. And one of the ways I like to tell people that if you really look forward to having a really special collection and that you really do want to know the history of the pieces and why they're special and why you can't just find them any place else, the best place to actually start with is a book.

Today, I am sharing with you actually our entire library. We have tons of great books in the Vintage Meet Modern collection. And what we love to remember to tell the people who follow us or are just joining us is that, there is a level deeper than helping you find the best vintage jewelry to go with your modern styles. It's actually rooted in true old fashioned classic fashion history going all the way back to creating the most faux and fabulous addition to our accessories arsenal, Coco Chanel herself. Many of you may or may not know that Chanel is actually considered to be the inventor of costume designer jewelry. More was more and faux was fabulous. It was supposed to be rich, opulent. It's supposed to turn the heads of other people and it's supposed to always make you look and feel your best. It is literally supposed to be the crown jewel of your outfit, being that personal stamp on your unique personal style.

So it has been my mission throughout the years to educate myself on all of these really, truly wonderful books. And the best part about immersing yourself in having your own vintage costume jewelry and designer jewelry library is you'll really have an opportunity to fall in love with not just the look, but the style, the innovation, the uniqueness, all of that glamour that we love of the days gone past by just reading a little bit about the unique histories. Because the beauty of really truly vintage jewelry is that that movement was all invented to truly help women look and feel their best. And so the designers that we share with you, they're more than just names. These designers really bring these styles to life. There are non to what was going on in fashion at the time. So if you're a lover of the marvelous Mrs. Maisel or if you're a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, if you love the really bold over the top looks of Rachel Zoe when she wears a gorgeous sheath dress from Halston and a big 1970s necklace.

What you can get by actually looking in and studying the books is how and why these designers created these collections with you in mind. So I'm talking to you today about how to get started on having your own vintage jewelry library because it's actually easier than you think. I'm sharing with you all of these great books. And the reason why is because not only will you have a deeper appreciation for why these pieces are special, one of the things that I absolutely love to remind people is that you can find out so much more about the piece than just how it looks. It's like getting to have something from someone special that you know, and you love that you always got to remember them wearing maybe your grandmother, a special aunt, maybe a reference to a favorite movie or magazine that you love, but it's going one step deeper and that you actually get to see the history of how these pieces were actually made, which is our greatest clue actually as to authentically dating why these pieces are special.

So that's why I'm always telling my clients, turnover the piece to the back and tell me what the signature looks like because I guarantee you right after we can tell how it was made, where it came from, we can tell you when it was made, why it was special and how you can wear it and rock it today. So today, it's all about the books, baby. We're here to show you how to start an authentic vintage jewelry collection of your own because everywhere you go, we already know they ask you, where did you get that from? And you could just say, it's vintage, darling. Thank you so much. I want you to join us on this important series because we are going to be talking to you about three really important topics. The first series we're going to talk about how and why to start a vintage jewelry collection. And I'm going to be talking to you all about how and why the books plays such an important role in getting you started with having the collection of your dreams.

Secondly, in our next video, we're going to be talking all about which are the favorite books and where can you find them? I'm going to be sharing with you 10 of my favorite vintage and designer jewelry books. And these books are great resources as well as essential to starting an authentic collection that you are going to know and love. And lastly, I'm going to be talking to you about all the great pieces throughout the years that we've had here at Vintage Meet Modern, as well as current book pieces that we have. Because it's so much fun that once you get into the side of not just collecting and learning about why the pieces are so special, it's going to open up so many more doors and it's going to give you a deeper appreciation as to why these pieces are so special just like you. So I hope you'll tune in for all three parts. I guarantee you there is something fun and fabulous to learn every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your sparkle with me. I can't wait to share the sparkle with you.

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