Keep Calm and Put Your Brooches On

December 16, 2020

Brooches are the best, quite literally - you don’t even need clothes to wear them.

Ok, that sounds a little bit scandalous but the truth is brooches can easily be worn in so many ways.

Today I am going to tell you about one of my favorite ways to wear a brooch: on a clutch or handbag + I am announcing the details related to our latest giveaway.

The best part about this is you are constantly changing the look of a staple accessory you have in your closet and it’s easy to change to match the occasion. Going to a formal event? Add a sparkly brooch. Grabbing lunch with friends in the city? Add a classic gold or silver brooch. Have a favorite or signature color? Add a brooch in your favorite shade.

Brooches and Bags are a fabulous combination, and with the right clutch, it can also be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I love the clutches and bags from Darling Clutch Co. Their timeless style makes them an excellent investment and adding one to your closet will help you enjoy your brooch and jewelry collection so much more. Darling Clutch Co.’s cork bags are amazing because they are also made from cork so they are in keeping with all of our love of sustainable fashion finds. They also can be selected with a variety of different fabrics. What I cannot impress upon you enough is it is so easy to pin a brooch to the velvet.

Want to add a Darling Clutch to your accessories collection? You are in luck. Stacie and I have partnered together to give away a Regency Cork Clutch and a $100 Gift Card to VMM so you can select the perfect brooches to adorn your favorite clutch.

I am so excited to show you another creative way to enjoy your brooch collection. I hope you enjoy these styling tips, stay calm, and put your jewelry on.



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