Week 44: Wear This With That

January 20, 2019

I’m Sharing with You A Secret and One of My Most Favorite Episodes of Wear This With That Ever!

For over 20 years, I have been proud and honored to help women look and feel their best. My style secret has always been the sparkles but today I am letting another one of my big secrets out: where do I find all my new with tags designer clothes for such a steal?

Are you ready? ThredUp!

ThredUp is an online consignment shopping site but its way nicer and easier to navigate in my opinion than eBay or Etsy. Thrift or second-hand shopping can get a bad rap and yes it does require a little bit more patience but if you love to shop certain brands because of the style, price, quality then I suggest to run to ThredUp.

In fact, I even have a $10 Off Coupon for You*

Here are a few fun things you should know about my closet, the VMM closet, personal shopping and styling, and ThredUp.

We are committed to the sustainable fashion movement, I am extremely intentional about my closet and our lifestyle. I love clothes but I will not buy to just buy or indulge in trend after trend in the fast fashion world. Americans discard about 70 pounds of textiles per person and most of it winds up in a landfill.** I love to express myself by what I wear but I am also responsible about it, I cannot just create waste, I take very good care of what I have and even when I grow tired of it or it does not fit, I ethically try to rehome it donate it. That is truly being Vintage Meet Modern.

While I love strolling through Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Anthropologie and treating myself to some new threads, I also love the convenience of shopping online. Enter ThredUp, I have spent years being intentional for my closet and my clients, I learned it wasn’t about quantity but the quality and fit and so I spend a lot of times helping busy women find their fit by identifying brands they can know, like and trust.

When you are trying to maximize your jewelry box, closet, budget, and be kind to planet earth that can be a challenge. I love ThredUp because I can have what I want from the designers I know fit and trust.

Believe me, you are going to want to watch this video and head over to ThredUp because all the clothes featured are items from my actual closet and my clients. They had a retail value of over 5K and cost less than $650 for all 25 pieces! By mixing the jewelry and pieces we already had in our closet as wardrobe essentials, it’s an endless style parade and party. And many pieces like the Tory Burch, Chinos we show came new with tags!

After you watch the video, I hope you are inspired to head to VMM and find some new jewels and head to ThredUp and find some fab ensembles to pair them with.

Plus, let’s get keep the good times rolling...

Click Here To Get a $10 Coupon Code From VMM
Click Here To Get you $10 Coupon Code to ThredUp


Don’t forget to Show Us What You Pick!The Details on The Outfits Shown In Week 44s Wear This With That are Linked Under Each Image

You’ll have to keep tuning in and see if you see me wearing any of these pieces featured. Did I pay full retail? Did it come with new with tags? You’ll never know but what you always know is we are committed to helping you look and feel your best with the jewelry box and closet of your dreams. I will always share my secrets to great style with you.

I promise you people ask me every day, where do you get the jewelry? Where did you get those designer shoes? This is one of my greatest Style Secrets and Now I am sharing it with you!  

Happy Sparkling, Shoppping, and Styling, Darlings.


Remember you can shop any of the jewelry simply by clicking the image.

*The coupon code from ThredUp is my own personal referral code, I have not been paid to promote ThredUp, all of the opinions and info I supplied is my own.

**Statistics about annual clothing discarded provided by:

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