Week 52 Wear This With That

March 24, 2019

On this episode of Wear This With That, we are truly embracing Vintage Meet Modern Style. At Vintage Meet Modern we love great style that is also chic and sustainable. That is why I am proud to show off some of my favorite jewelry finds and introduce you to the Infinite Style Program by Ann Taylor. We have had such amazing success partnering with large and small modern day fashion brands and we love when their clients take a new look at wearing vintage jewelry with their modern finds. My secret to great style has always been making a look my own by adding vintage jewelry but another one of my style hacks is finding pieces that fit me but that I don't get bored with.   Watch today's episode because I am going to tell you how it's possible.

Show Highlights

In this episode, I am sharing with you 4 looks and a great style tip on how your closet can be infinite.

Look Number 1 is gorgeous soft pastel sweater and skirt from Ann Taylor, the perfect look to wear during this time of year, an ode to spring colors but in fabrics that still keep you warm and comfortable. I love to pair this palette with silver. As an added bonus you can change the look with different accessories and you can also split the outfit up and wear the skirt with a solid colored blouse or top and you can wear the top with a pair of dress pants or jeans. It's easy to achieve a dressy and a casual look just by changing up the accessories.

Look Number 2 is a fun play on colors with neutrals. It's so easy to wear warm and cool tones together when you bridge the contract with accessories. I love this bright cheery yellow top paired with the cool-toned gray pants. Classic gold accessories really bring the whole look together or it's perfect to wear with a blazer and make the yellow blouse the attention-getting pop of color with a brooch of matching color on the lapel.

If you are always attracted to jewelry of different colors than you will love look number 3 which shows us how to enjoy florals year round.

And finally look number 4 is a blouse you are going to want to wear on repeat, I'm showing you my favorite pieces to pair with it and how you can truly wear this blouse over and over again and in different colors almost like a magic trick!

Quotes & Takeaways

Sustainable fashion also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. When you work with a program like Ann Taylor's Infinite Style Program you are being part of the sustainable fashion movement, it's better to rent and return than buy and mindlessly dispose.

INFINITE STYLE BY ANN TAYLOR is a clothing rental service that gives members access to endless styles for one flat monthly fee. It's easy, it's fun, you can truly maximize your wardrobe and if you rent something that you fall in love with you can buy it and keep it.

"It is easier than you think to be chic and sustainable, shopping vintage and rental services are one way you can look and feel your best and feel good about reducing the carbon footprint."

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