August 06, 2020

What do Pauline Rader, Swarovski, Napier, Whiting and Davis, and More Have In Common? They are part of our vintage jewelry treasure chest. Tonight I am showing off finds from our latest collection, Rare and Pretty Finds.

I love jewelry that is easy to wear dressed up and dressed down and this collection is full of them. Whenever I get into a style rut or feel like my outfit is blah, I pick a piece that is a fun color to make my outfit pop. This week we have a lot of gorgeous red pieces that are perfect to wear year-round and look even more fabulous if you love to wear bright red lipstick, too.

I am also always enamored with vintage pieces that are totally different from what you find shopping out about or online these days. So many of you tell us time and time again that that is what you love about vintage jewelry and our collections, the pieces are all so unique, it really is like a treasure box. Each piece you pull out is different than the next but all of them are completely wearable. None of these pieces are meant to collect dust in a drawer, they are all perfect to set you apart from the rest, and elevate your style and confidence. We are sure you will receive a few compliments, too.

As always, I have linked a few of my favorite pieces that I am sure will also look amazing on you.

Enjoy the whole collection, can’t wait to see what you pick.


PS: Thanks for your patience when Sir Sparky decided to “tell us” which pieces are his favorite. (If you don’t know what we are talking about, be sure to watch the video)

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