April 20, 2020

Vintage Meet Modern offered a special edition of Jewelry Party Wednesday on April 15 and hosted its first workshop where attendees could learn all about online and print resources to use for their vintage jewelry collection. Whether you have always worn vintage jewelry or you are new to starting your own collection of pretties, this is a workshop that contains a wealth of knowledge so anyone cantruly enjoy and appreciate the pieces they collect and wear.

Vintage jewelry is collectible fashion history! During the workshop, Veronica shares with you the resources she personally uses to learn about vintage jewelry, including online resources and her favorite books. She also shares her 20 years of expertise as a personal shopper and stylist specializing in jewelry.

This workshop featured:

  • A 30-40 minute lesson about resources & how to get started using them, including why these are trusted resources by collectors, dealers, and appraisers
  • A PDF + links to shop my favorite books
  • A list of online resources with links
  • Some general notes and guidelines to help you get started
  • Access to the workshop replay video link


Veronica has over 20 years of experience in designer and vintage jewelry, including selling and styling. Her passion for vintage jewelry began over 10 years ago while consigning items for personal styling clients. Veronica made it her mission to better understand why these unique pieces were valuable, as well as the role they played in fashion history. In pursuit of knowledge, she learned these treasures tell their own stories from how designers experimented with new materials, to how certain pieces became famous because of celebrities or fashion icons who wore them.

Veronica has worked with clients and customers from all over the world and brands including JCrew, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.

Veronica has been featured as a contributor at Martha Stewart Wedding, Antique Trader Magazine and Bustle on this topic.

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