Week 49 New Arrivals

March 01, 2019

Do you ever see your favorite fashion icon or celebrity wearing a look you just can't get enough of and think "I could never wear that?" or " Where would I even find that look or pieces on my budget?" Well this week, I've got the hook up for you. Authentic designer statement pieces by designers like Christian Dior, Kenneth Jay Lane, and even Yves Saint Laurent. I'm going to show you how chic and sophisticated these pieces are and even name drop some well-known celebrities that wear these same designers and have them in their private collection. Buckle up beauties, this week is full of high-end designer pieces you can add to your own jewelry box.

Show Highlights

This week's collection is full of pieces from legendary designers. If you have ever coveted owning a piece from Christian Dior or YSL, we have the perfect pieces for you. My favorites include the rare numbered and signed YSL modernist necklace, its one part fashion, one part art, one part history.

I am also thrilled to offer a fabulous pair of gold cable hoop with pearl accent earrings by legendary designer Christian Dior. If there was one earring that you could easily add to your jewelry box and wear it over and again, these are the earrings. They will elevate any look, retain their value, easily compliment other pieces in your jewelry box like classic pearls or gold bangles. Plus celebrities like Rhianna, Rachel Zoe, and even Kylie Jenner wear and covet designers like vintage Christian Dior.

Do you love to try and recreate high-end fashion looks? Another great style dup is the multi-strand necklace which looks like you could have borrowed it from Rachel Zoe. A classic style of the highest quality this piece is sure to sell out fast and become one of your go-to accessories.

We have so many incredible pieces this week you will love every single piece. Be sure to take a look at some of the rarer finds we have to offer as well, like the gorgeous book chain Art Nouveau necklace and the matching statement earrings.

Quotes and Takeaways

"You don't have to be famous to live out your own red carpet moment."
- Rachel Zoe

"If you have ever waivered over investing in a designer piece, go for jewelry and accessories.
They retain their value and they will always fit."
- Veronica Staudt

Chic Tip - Add designer vintage jewelry to your jewelry box. You will be the envy of your gal pals and it will feel so good to tell people the unique pieces you are wearing are rare high-end designer and couture pieces that no one else has!

All of the items featured are available under our Week 48 Collection
All of our pieces are one of a kind authentic vintage and we do sell out quickly.

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