Week 51 New Arrivals

March 14, 2019

What Are You Waiting For?
This isn't just a sale. It's special - just like you!

Some will look and say, it's just jewelry but we know that if you are here you know it's much more. Read on and I promise you, you will feel inspired and on your way to looking and feeling your best every day, here's how...

Let's start from the beginning and give you the 411 on what the 50/50 Sale is and why it's so special.

VMM doesn't run very many sales, we run a "sale" a few times a year as a thank you to our customers. I personally take notes on pieces that you comment on when you follow us on social media or email us with questions, so this sale really isn't a sale - it's more of a special just like you.

The 50/50 Sale is always a big secret because it supports our mission to support your style.

“Your secret weapon to great style is your jewelry. We know it, you know it, and the people who compliment you know it.” - Veronica Staudt

If you haven't received uplifting compliments on your jewelry or questions about where did you get that, that is where we come in, when you wear VMM you will receive compliments, every time. Sometimes the most important compliment will come from you when you transform your look and say, "Damn, I look good and I feel good, too." And here's the truth, you didn't change anything but your jewelry, you added that one touch that set you apart from the rest. If you haven't checked out what people are talking about at VMM, you need to because it's the answer and the proof that you are looking for that it truly can be life-changing and uplifting.

And that is why we do this sale, it's for all of you that have had your eye on something and for all of you who have been hesitant to see if it really makes a difference.

And $100 will go far. I am using the pieces below as an example.

For $108 (before the Style Society Discount ---did you know we have a VIP Society where you can receive 15% off? You can join here to get the discount + you get so much more, like an incredible community and styling support on how to wear it.

Now let's give you an in on how to up your style game and stretch your dollars, too.

All of these pretties are marked down 50% off during our legendary 50/50 sale, the one that only happens 2 times a year.

The first win is these brooches are my favorite, if you have hung around in the Style Society, followed us on Social Media, or seen the collection in person you know-

“Our brooch collection is the best. Why? Because brooches always fit! They truly are the one size fits all of the jewelry world.”

They look good together, they look great seperate, you can wear them on your coat, your sweater, tucked into your hair, pinned to hat. I am already inspired for an upcoming blog post because I could think of 100+ ways to wear a brooch. Now during the sale, you could add all of these to your jewelry box for under $100 and

You can't find brooches at Nordstrom.You can't find them at Neimans.You can't find them at JCrew.

Someone, please tell me where you have physically walked into a brand name store and they had jewelry like the pieces you see at VMM?

You can find them at VMM plus you have found the only place that shows your weekly how and what to wear them with!!!! 

Again, as you need us, we need you! Please tell me, where else do you find one of kind vintage jewelry + a weekly styling show on how and what to wear it with?

You are in a one-stop shop that gives you access to incredible pieces that cannot be found anywhere else + how to style them with your modern wardrobe and I am even going one step further and marking them down for you so you can add them to your jewelry box now.

So don't wait, your closet called and said your clothes are not the problem, your jewelry box needs a refresh. You deserve pieces that cannot be found anywhere else and are special just like you. So go ahead get your shop on because one last itsy-bitsy detail about all the pieces at VMM and our Special Sale. Like the jewelry, it's small but powerful so you better listen up to the details or read the fine print.

The pieces are one of kind, we hardly if ever get them again so if you miss out, they are gone and that is beyond a bummer, it will haunt you.

And one final note about why you need to be on the VIP list:

Not only is the sale always a surprise but the prices go back up.

Yes, it's true, the beauty of one of kind pieces and one of kind style is it's priceless and personal so in order for us to bring you the best, it's treated like it's exclusive like you. You, Lovelies are so special and uncommon and that is why incredible one of kind finds are selected for you. This is your chance to grow your collection because as we know, each piece is meant for a special someone so if not today, then someday soon. So get your shop on now and continue to add a little sparkle wherever you go for a lot less before the sale ends, because like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12:00 the sale will be over before you know it…

Vintage Meet Modern is only vintage jewelry and styling company dedicated to helping you look and feel your best by making your vintage jewelry modern and memorable, and your modern finds so fabulous they will become your vintage. Tune in and see the weekly collection of beautiful baubles that have been hand-selected for you + a styling episode on how and what to wear it with at places that support and enhance your personal style.

Never miss a collection or episode by clicking here.

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