Week 55 New Arrivals

May 02, 2019

How to add sophistication, glamour, and drama while still being comfortable.

This week's collection is a reflection of that. These pieces are statement pieces. Bold, beautiful, singular, you don't need to pile them on to make a statement, just one will do.

Show Highlights

This week we have a lot of timeless clean and classic pieces. Silhouettes and designs that have movement and compliment a woman's body. Long statement earrings by Christian Dior to highlight a woman's face, a beautiful mod collar necklace that graces the woman's neckline, a simple classic pearl bracelet that catches everyone's attention as she moves her hand about while sipping a glass of wine or shaking someone's hand.

If you are a fan of the Halston look jumpsuits, caftans, flowing fabrics, we have a lot of great necklaces to compliment the neckline or bracelets to highlight your features.

And of course, the signature style includes a bit of personality. We have some great singular pieces including figural brooches that speak to our natural spirit, a bit fierce, playful, powerful.

Quotes and Takeaways

"I see bold accessories as woman's armor" Rachel Zoe

"Friends don't let friends wear boring jewelry" - Veronica Staudt

Chic Tip - one piece is all you need to set yourself apart from the rest. I talk a lot about how to layer jewelry, how to mix and match your pieces as enjoyment and to add personality to your look but sometimes one singular piece can really elevate your look and set yourself apart from the rest. This collection has some fun pieces that are elegant and they also are standout classic styles that will set you apart without having to layer or fuss. You don’t always need a huge statement necklace or something over the top to achieve memorable statement style.

Please let me know what your favorite piece is this week and don’t forget to shop the collection.

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