January 04, 2016


Something Old, Something New

My New Year's Resolution.
...My Vintage Life

Curating a vintage and designer jewelry shop is my passion. My husband would say I give 200%, 100% of the time.  Admittedly, I am collector, too.  When I decided to venture into the world of vintage and antiques, it came naturally because I am also a sentimental person.  With every piece of jewelry I found, I felt lucky to hold a piece of someone's past.  It has always been a pleasure to connect the dots for these treasures to new collectors to appreciate. Along the way, I have learned so much about quality, fashion trends and traditions throughout the decades, and a deeper appreciation for designers all over the world.

...My Modern Life

I am a wife, mother, and creative, too. I shop at Target, I am addicted to HGTV, shopping, and watching reruns of Friends, even on a Friday, night. My home, my closet, and my lifestyle is an on-going collaboration between my love the past and living in the moment.  It's fun, it's fast, and sometimes, it's crazy with three little ones running around.  2016 is bringing big changes to our Vintage Meet Modern life as we embrace more opportunities to share our story of how we blend everything old with our daily "new." We are also excited to grow our vintage and designer collection in our shop through our website. We are proud to have a blog where we can share our passion for things from the past, how we are living in the moment, inspirations, past and present moments in fashion, and of course, great jewelry.

...My Mission

My mission is 2016 is to resolve to collect something beautiful in 2016. Of course, I am looking forward to growing my personal jewelry collection, and maybe help a few of you out, too. I am also looking forward to growing my collection of research books. I also plan on expanding my collection of French Enamel Cookware. It doesn't have to be a "literal things" either. I am hoping to collect more memories, more quiet moments, more time with my family, too. My biggest goal this year is to share my knowledge of vintage jewelry with our readers and clients and show you how these collectible pieces will help you accessorize your life!   I get asked daily about why vintage and designer jewelry is special. When I hear that question, my heart begins to race a little and I'm pretty sure my eyes begin to sparkle, too.  Join me in 2016 and resolve to collect something beautiful and tell me why! I want to know what you collect and why? What's your passion? What are you connected to? Do you collect something old? Something new? or something that is not a thing at all?    

Welcome to Vintage Meet Modern Living ...the perfect place to embrace everything you love about the past, present, and the future.

A Peak into some of my favorite things...


1) Books on Fashion & Jewelry, not only useful guides and full of history, they are beautiful design elements perfect to compliment the interior of a library, sitting area, bedroom or living room. 

2) Admittedly, I am a Bobbi Brown Addict. 

3) Vintage Kitchen Scales. When my grandparents downsized, two were headed for the trash. Rusty, Chippy, and perfectly worn, I couldn't part with them.

4)Pearls...long, short, real, faux, layered, rings, bracelets, new, old...I can't get enough of these tiny treasures. " The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens"

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