Vintage Meet Modern ~ Modern Silk Bomber Jacket, One of Kind Vintage Touch

Posted on 19 February 2017

Currently Crushing On Silk Bomber Jackets...Vintage Meet Modern Style 

I am kinda obsessed with our recent finds, they have a modern, exotic bohemian feel to them. While I am not one for trends, I am also a sucker for embroidery, so yes, I did break down and get a Silk Bomber jacket from Nordstrom Rack, it was worth the splurge.

1. It's actually really versatile, I have an entire pile of accessories that I can pair with it, so even though the print is the same, it looks different every time I wear it

2. It looks chic, dressy and casual. I have paired it with red wool pants from J.Crew to go to meetings and I have worn it with some distressed jeans while running around with the kids

3. Its practical. It really is like a light jacket and since its 60+ degrees in Chicago, I'm pretty excited to wear it around town instead of a windbreaker.

4. It has great attention to detail, if you are like me and you are all about the details, a jacket like this will not disappoint. You will receive compliments on it when you wear it.

5. It's on "point." Ok, they are trending right now but they are also a throwback to a vintage classic, popular in the 1960s. Best part, you can snap them up for a reasonable price right now, even at Target. And since a lot of people complain about vintage sizes not fitting you can find one that fits appropriate, and you have saved yourself hours sourcing one at the vintage shops. You can leave the scouting to me.

All the jewelry featured is available at

Here are a few of my favorite pieces but the possibilities are endless 

Bohemian Chic Vintage Jewelry

  1. Cinnabar Pendant Necklace 
  2. Blue Prism Statement Ring 
  3. Cloisonne Bead Necklace 

My jacket is from Nordstrom Rack but here is a link to the one from Target which is a steal at 29.99

Do you have any silk embroidered pieces? How do you wear them? Let me know what your favorite piece from our collection is right now and what you would wear it with?

Always Sparkle,


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