February 08, 2019

More than just pretty pictures....

At Vintage Meet Modern Our Goal is to Help You Look and Feel Your Best By Dressing In Detail

Celebrating your inner sparkle by letting your personal unique style shine

One way we do this is by curating a collection of one of a kind vintage treasures weekly plus inspiring you on how and what to wear them with

So what is the Lookbook and why it matters more than you know.

The Lookbook is Awesome!

It's the fastest and easiest way to scroll through all of our new finds and get inspired at the same time.

We received hundreds of messages over the years from people telling us, we want to be able to go back time and see how the pieces were worn - now you can, and you can even click on the image to find the piece modeled.

Secondly, we also want you to know we are proud to be an intentional fashion and lifestyle brand committed to what style really is all about. Expression and individuality. That is why each look is unique and professionally photographed like art.

Which brings me to a really important value at VMM - we are committed to the sustainable fashion movement. Sustainability is so important to me and to you for many reasons.

It represents being in touch with one's self and loving who you are in a way that you want to be for a lifetime. You don't do fashion, you are fashion. We know you chose to shop with VMM because it's timeless, not trendy. It's chic and sustainable, a lesson we need more of in the world.

There are so many staggering statistics on the beautiful images you see online "Crafted and created" This is why I want you to know that the images you see as part of our Weekly Lookbook are for you.

Here are a few facts I would love for you to know about our "Lookbooks"

They are created in house with our team. We never buy anything just to photograph it. Every image, flatlay, picture is created for you, it's intentional fashion at it's finest. We use what we have because that is the Vintage Meet Modern woman, she is a maven.

We only collaborate and partner with brands that are part of the same legacy movement. If you see a mention or tag, it's because I have personally tried it for you. We are authentic experts in the world of intentional fashion I would never style a client without thinking through how she is going to love something over and over again.

What you see is also real. Real clothes and vintage jewelry for your modern life. What we feature comes from a real team of women who wear different sizes, gravitate towards different colors, invest their time and money in their jewelry box and closet throughout their lives. It's chic and sustainably, meaningful and memorable.

You can look forward to our weekly Lookbook, it's easy to get inspired and to shop our latest finds.

We do need your help, please keep spreading the word about Vintage Meet Modern. Share the Lookbook, tell a friend, leave us a comment or a review.

We want to continue to bring you the best collection of vintage jewelry from around the world plus provide the best shopping and styling experience.

Thanks to you we continue to grow every day and every week, let's make the world a more sparkly and sustainably chic place together.


This blog post was inspired by a recent article about the number of returns companies face every day simply bloggers and influencers who buy items to take pictures and then return them.

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