July 06, 2016

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to this week's #WCW blog post.  Every week we are hoping to feature a woman that we are "crushing" on for a variety of reasons, their style, their life mission, their business or just because we find them truly inspiring.

This week we are crushing on one of our own team members  Claudia Bixler.  

Woman Crush Wednesday: Claudia Bixler

Claudia is a student at Columbia University in Chicago. She is the photographer and stylist behind our Instagram feed. Claudia also models for us from time to time, she has a timeless beauty both internally and externally, plus she has those great lips that a Chanel lipstick was made for. Claudia is the youngest member of our team and she keeps the rest of us on trend on what people her age are into, what they are wearing and what apps they are using on their smartphones.  There’s so much more we could say about this amazing young woman but we are going to let her speak through her interview questions.

VMM: What is your personal style philosophy?

CB: I am a little bit of a sucker for trends, but I love change! My fashion kind of changes from month to month. I love fashion because of the creativity that it allows. I guess my philosophy would just be to not be afraid of change and rock whatever you feel good in!

VMM:What excites you in the fashion world?

I love revivals. Bright colors from the 80’s, chokers from the 90’s, bellbottoms? YES! Innovating old trends and making them fresh is so cool to me.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Claudia Bixler

VMM: What are some of your influences in personal style choices today?

Inspiration comes from so many places. Some of my inspo comes from icons like David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, but also my friends, and the people I follow on Instagram.

VMM: How do you feel about vintage, and why vintage?  

I LOVE vintage!! I love mixing vintage pieces with modern ones in everyday looks. Vintage pieces are so unique.

VMM: What are your top 3 closet staples of what you own and why?

My top three closet staples are definitely my high-waist green cargo pants, black ankle boots, and my off the shoulder ribbed white crop top. I love layering and pieces that can mix and match.

VMM: Where do you tend to shop?

I’m in college and very much so on a budget but I like the challenge of finding steals at thrift stores, garage sales, and styling up hand-me- downs. But when I get a chance to treat myself some of my faves are ASOS, H&M , and Anthropologie.

VMM: Has any one woman impacted your style, if so who and how?

My mom and my sisters have always been my cheerleaders if I’ve ever doubted my outfit choices. I’m thankful to have so many women that support me creatively. Their support has helped me fully embrace myself and my style.

VMM: What does your generation think of vintage?

I think that my generation loves vintage. It helps to really personalize every day looks because so many vintage pieces are one of a kind.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Claudia Bixler

VMM: Has working for VMM changed your outlook on fashion and style, if so how?

Working for VMM has been so amazing for me. I actually never wore a lot of jewelry before working here, just a few simple pieces every now and then, but Veronica has brought me into a whole new world of style. Vintage jewelry is so unique and can amp up an outfit the same way a bold lipstick can. Now I’m addicted to adding sparkles to all my looks haha.

VMM: What is one piece of advice you have for women getting dressed in the morning?

I would say don’t be afraid to be bold!!! I truly think the key to pulling off any look is just to own it. Be confidant! If you feel good in what you wear than you look great.

Thanks so much Claudia for being a part of our team!

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