February 25, 2019

We have all the perfect pieces for you to complete your look so be sure to pick up a piece or two and add them to your jewelry box. Need some inspiration on which pieces to pick and want a recap of my favorites, then scroll on Darling, I have you covered below....

Gaga for Gaga and the Red Carpets Look from the 91st Academy Awards

Yesterday was my Superbowl. Every year, my daughters and I make a night of watching the Academy Awards together. I can't really tell you very much about the movies as busy entrepreneur, wife, and mother but you all know that fashion is my passion, and vintage is my lingo, so I love to watch the Oscars. It's a chance to see tons of sparkle, oh and ahhs and even predict what trends we will be seeing this spring.

For all us pink loving ladies, I think our wish is going to come true as so many lovely ladies looked pretty in pink. Of, course my favorite was Julia Roberts. Not only did the color look amazing on her, but it also made me want to run to the VMM Jewelry Vault and play with all of these jewels.

Good as gold, Glen Close looked absolutely radiant. I have total FOMO because I went to Randolph Street Market earlier in the day and passed on a gold lame gown from Confetti Co Vintage. The good news is we can all be red carpet ready with a sparkly gold top or dress and finish the look with the perfect earrings for VMM.

Boom! Retro Bombshell indeed, I am obsessed with Charlize Theron's Old Hollywood vintage-inspired look and the diamonds she was dripping in. Did you know she cut and dyed her hair just a few hours before the show? I also love that this is a color we can all wear and find easily in our closet or on the racks while we are out shopping, pair it with some authentic vintage jewelry from VMM and you are ready to turn heads and make them stare like Charlize everywhere you go.

Whoa! Bright is beautiful on Constance Wu. Her gown was simply breathtaking and simply enchanting. Again, what I love about this bright color was how it really made all the diamonds she wore sparkle and shine. I know all of you Lovelies can easily achieve this style by adding a bright cheery yellow to your closet and then adding a fabulous sparkling ring or two to truly finish off the look and set your look apart from the rest.

And then of, course we are gaga for Gaga. Did I save the best for last? We the dress was considered certainly was talked about and her stunning performance with Bradley Cooper, too but let's talk about the real story. THE NECKLACE. Oh my gosh, this incredible treasure from Tiffany's made a rare appearance on the Red Carpet last night. While we can all appreciate the rarity of this truly historical and spectacular piece, we would love for you to get the look without having to have a bodyguard with you at all times, so we would love for you to add these gorgeous earrings from Joan Rivers, which every time you put them on wherever you go you will know tonight was the night a star was born, because we all know you were meant to stand out.

These were just a few of the highlights! We had such a blast in our private Facebook group chatting about our favorites all night. So if you missed it, here is your special invitation to join our super special VIP Group.

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