Accessories & Outfits - Virtual Styling Service

Remember how the Fairy Godmother turns Cinderella into a princess for the ball?  Let us work that magic for you! Take advantage of our expert styling services in a fraction of the time.  Send us your pictures - up to 5 outfits - and let us do the work.

  • Black tie events
  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers
  • Seasonal wardrobe updates
  • Vacations
  • Speaking engagements

I will send youpersonalized jewelry styling suggestions, including links to one-of-a-kind jewelry chosen for just for you.  Styling clients enjoy a 25% discount off full price suggested items. We also show you how to wear the jewelry over and over again and how to mix-and-match.  After all, you can wear the dress once but wear the jewelry forever!

Service includes:

  • a style guide sheet with suggested items and outfit pairings.
  • 25% off discount on suggested items.
  • A short video explaining why we selected the items.

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