Gold Stone and Pearl Bypass Style Statement Ring,


A retro glam beauty with a futuristic twist
Genuine Gold Stone or Copper Fleck Bead with a Faux Pearl
The Gold Stone Bead is like a star or sunburst, these glass beads were infused with real copper flecks
They almost have an atomic appearance which became popular in the the 1960s
Accented with a faux white lustrous pearl
The play on dark and light colors and different materials, traditional and non traditional is glamorous and captivating

Gold Stone is not really a stone and the mystery behind how it was created still exists today. One story is that during the 1800s and Italian Monk was making glass at a monastery, he accidentally spilled copper fillings into his molten glass, and the result was glass with sparkling flecks. The recipe for making gold stone was supposedly kept a secret by the monks and passed down over time.

An alternative story says gold stone also was born in Italy. Its creation was said to be born in a factory in Murano where some molten copper was accidentally spilled into the molten glass and the accident resulted in the beautiful beads and art glass we still love today.

Gold Stone was most popular during the Victorian Era, however throughout the decades it has gone through several revivals and resurgence of popularity.


1950s 1960s Era
Gold Tone
Genuine Gold Stone
Faux Pearl
Gold Tone Setting
Adjustable (where the two stones meet)
Excellent Vintage Condition


Ring Size 6 (could go up or down a size though)

3/4" Long x 5/8" Wide

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