Jewelry Care and Storage

Hosted Live via Zoom June 25th at 7:30 PM CST (Replay will be made available with ticket purchase for those who can’t attend live) 

Workshop will include a 30-40 min presentation, time for Q&A, followup email with PDF, and links mentioned during workshop.

During this Jewelry Care & Storage Workshop, I will share with you tips and resources on how to care and store your vintage jewelry collection. I’ll also share practical tips on how to care for your pieces in between wears along with links and resources for products to help store and organize your collection. I’ll even show you some inspirational ways to organize and store your collection safely when you’re not wearing it.  

All jewelry lovers will appreciate and enjoy this workshop! You don’t need to have a massive collection or a huge space to reorganize your pieces. I have worked with jewelry and accessories for over 20 years, and I’ve always appreciated the power they have to complete your look, but I also understand the investment that goes into caring for and protecting your pieces. Along the way, I’ve trained with top experts in the industry on how to protect, care and store your pieces, and now I’m excited to share my knowledge, tips, and resources with you!

This workshop features: 

  • A 30-45 minute lesson on Jewelry Care and Storage, including day-to-day care, dos & don’ts related to cleaning vintage jewelry, real-life storage solutions (whether you have a tiny or massive collection, small space, a limited budget or the sky’s the limit). There will definitely be unique storage solutions for everyone!

  • PDF with quick tips & links related to vintage jewelry care

  • PDF + links to my favorite storage items to protect & organize your collection

  • Real life storage solutions for your accessories collection

  • BONUS: jewelry care & storage tips for when you travel

This is a fun and frequently asked topic. You are guaranteed to learn something new! 


About Veronica Staudt 

Veronica has over 20 years of experience in designer and vintage jewelry, including selling and styling. Her passion for vintage jewelry began over 10 years ago while consigning items for personal styling clients. Veronica made it her mission to better understand why these unique pieces were valuable, as well as the role they played in fashion history. In pursuit of knowledge, she learned these treasures tell their own stories from how designers experimented with new materials, to how certain pieces became famous because of celebrities or fashion icons who wore them. 

Veronica has worked with clients and customers from all over the world and brands including JCrew, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. 

Veronica has been featured as a contributor at Martha Stewart Wedding, Antique Trader Magazine and Bustle on this topic.

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