Laura Ashley Colorful Floral Silk Scarf

Laura Ashley Silk Scarf

Gorgeous floral pattern
Colors are primarily red against black but accents colors that really make this colorful beauty come alive include blue, orange, green, and cream
The beauty of Laura Ashley. A piece like this is to be treasured as Laura Ashley became famous because of her scarves. Laura Ashley came for a humble background of rural Wales. Her floral printed Victorian designs on headscarves became very famous and brands like John Lewis started to buy them from her. She started her journey into fashion right in her own home before opening her own factory and then stores all over England, Europe, and the globe. Her success was designing clothes that were meant to suit the style and the comfortability of housewives. Her inspiration was the rural aesthetics of Wales. It is considered commendable that her designs became an important part of fashion history especially since her designs directly contested the in-vogue male dominated style of clothing which was popular during the 1960s. The Laura Ashley brand is considered to be iconic. The beautiful details on this scarf are an excellent example of the Laura Ashley Tradition. 


1980s Era
Laura Ashley
Black scarf
Red floral
Blue Border
Hand Rolled Edges

34" x 34"

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