Vintage Retro Baby Blue Rhinestone Brooch

A refreshing vintage brooch, that holds a subtle charm that will win you over. Much like your shy personality, this gorgeous brooch opens up beautifully. Showing off its charming blue rhinestones, placed carefully on a gold setting. Offering a charming combination of blue and gold, that compliments your bold and beautiful sense of style.

Our one of a kind vintage blue rhinestone brooch is here to impress and dazzle its way to your heart. Add it to any coat, jacket, and shirt; then simply watch how it enhances your overall appearance in a matter of seconds. This gorgeous blue rhinestone brooch is inspired by the lovely spring season and comes with a timeless design. So you can enjoy its excellent vintage condition for years to come.

2" from top to bottom
2" from side to side
Blue rhinestones varied shapes and sizes

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