Vintage Victorian Revival Gold Charm Slide Bracelet


Fabulous Victorian Revival Slide Bracelet 
Gold tone with faux seed pearls, turquoise, garnet, faux jade, jet crystal 
Variety of style of reliefs 

The history of the Victorian Slide Bracelet

The Victorian slide bracelet was a fashion accessory formerly worn by many women in 19th century England. Before the creation of the wrist watch, Victorian women wore their time piece on a neck chain that stayed in place with a decorative station that supported the watch (just under it). With a variety of these "stations" to wear with different outfits, they needed some use for all that jewelry after the wrist watch came into fashion. The various pieces were lined up on a 6 or 7 inch double chain with little gold balls for spacing them called slide bracelets. Even old stick pin heads were mounted on "blank slides" to add into these bracelets.

Copies of these bracelets have been popular throughout the last few centuries but during the 1950s and 1960s Victorian revival jewelry surged again in the fashion world. Popular designers including Florenza and Goldette made them and they have been popular and collectible since then.

In fact, many of the modern day charm bracelets and slide type jewelry we love today is actually inspired by these lovely pieces from the past.

I have always collected the Goldette and Florenza Bracelets because they have so many of the things that I love on them: turquoise, stars, cameos, pearls, garnets. The historically romantic style has always spoke to me, and I also always receive compliments when I wear them.


1950s Era
Fold Over Clasp 
Gold Plated
Double Strand Wire
Faux turquoise, seed pearls, amethyst crystal, jet crystal, faux carnelian, faux jade, garnet crystal
Excellent vintage condition 


7" long x 5/8" Wide

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