Collection Sneak Peak: The Bold, The Beaded, and The Beautiful

June 08, 2020

Vintage Meet Modern’s The Bold, The Beaded, and The Beautiful Collection offers a variety of vintage brooches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to women who love cameos, colorful jewelry, and statement pieces. This collection is dedicated to women who are ready to spice up their wardrobes with unique, elegant, and fun pieces that are perfect for everyday wear!

Who Will Love This Collection

  • Beads and baubles lovers
  • Cameo enthusiasts
  • Those who love to accessorize with color

What’s Special and New This Week

Chunky & Funky Beads

The only thing more fun than saying it is wearing them! We know you love a good bauble or two (or three). We have fabulous vintage jewelry baubles, including triple strand necklaces in shades of green, faceted lucite, cool blues, and a fun orange tone. These necklaces are perfect because they help you add a pop of color to your look. They are elegant and a bit playful too! And, you can even layer them for a super fun over-the-top, dramatic look.

vintage meet modern colorful beads and baubles collection sneak peek
vintage meet modern colorful beads and baubles collection sneak peek

Cameo Lovers

We know how much you love a good cameo, and we do too. Since our famous turquoise silhouette logo recently got a fresh update, we figured we’d celebrate her makeover with some of these timeless beauties! Of course, in true Vintage Meet Modern fashion, these cameos are completely wearable today, tomorrow and forever. Our cameos are never stuffy or boring, and they can easily be incorporated with what you already have hanging in your closet or your everyday clothing.

vintage meet modern colorful beads and baubles collection sneak peek
vintage meet modern colorful beads and baubles collection sneak peek

Lots of Color
Here are 3 reasons why you should add color to your look. (And with the help of our vintage jewelry pieces, your mission will be complete!)

  1. Color is a great conversation starter. It’s true! People are naturally attracted to color, and they compliment those colorful looks that stand out. So if you are looking to connect with others, be sure to add pops of color to your look.
  2. Color is naturally energizing. If you are looking for motivation and inspiration, adding color to your outfit can instantly provide the kick of energy you need to conquer the world!
  3. Color naturally boosts your mood. Adding a fun, bright color can not only completely invigorate your look, but it can also make you feel happier and confident. And, when you add our colorful vintage jewelry to your wardrobe, you’ll effortlessly look and feel your best while making this world a more beautiful place.
vintage meet modern colorful beads and baubles collection sneak peek

How to Wear This Week’s Collection

These pieces are made for summer dresses. Whatever style you love, dresses and jewelry are perfect together in the summertime, and you don't have to pick something office appropriate or formal. A great dress is perfect to show off your favorite vintage jewelry picks! Whether it’s a fun pair of statement earrings or a chunky bead necklace, a great dress can really do wonders for your confidence and show off your unique collection and style too.

One of the awesome things about all of the pieces at VMM is that they’ll always be unique to you.

My biggest piece of style advice this week is: wear the jewelry and wear the dress — don’t save either for a special occasion because everyday is a special day!

Get ready to spice up your wardrobe with this new, colorful collection full of unique vintage beauties selected especially for you. I’m looking forward to seeing which pieces you choose to add to your jewelry box!



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