June 19, 2020

Who Will Love This Collection?

  • Free Spirit and Boho Chic Girls
  • Statement Jewelry Lovers
  • Classic Red, White, and Blue
vintage meet modern boho chic and fancy free

What’s New This Week

Free Spirit and Boho Chic Finds

It’s been a while since we added some great boho-chic finds to VMM but that is because we are particular about the pieces we add, nothing but the best for all of you. We have some absolutely fabulous necklaces from the 60s and 70s, the decades synonymous with the birth of free-spirit fashion and bohemian chic style. These pieces are distinctive and classics, they can be worn dressed up or dressed down and they have just the right amount of color to complete your look.

vintage meet modern boho chic and fancy free

Statement Jewelry Lovers

vintage meet modern boho chic and fancy free

While we love to wear layer and stack some times a singular accessory is all you need to create a standout look. This is perfect because we also love to keep things lighter and simpler during the summer months. Adding a signature piece like a statement necklace or earrings to your collection isn’t limiting, it’s liberating. It can literally be “your piece” and it will always look unique whether you wear it dressed up or casually around town.

Classic Red, White, and Blue

As we come up to Independence Day in 2020, this year may look and feel a little different but there is still so much to celebrate. Patriotic fashion and classic colors never go out of style. There are many ways to incorporate red, white, and blue into your look without feeling like you are wrapped in an American Flag, jewelry is one of them. Plus it’s fun, it’s easy to wear, and you can pull together an entire look by putting color combinations together you already have but only wear a few times a year.

vintage meet modern boho chic and fancy free

How to Wear This Week's Collection

This week’s collection can be worn best with neutrals and natural accessories. The colors are vibrant and bold, the styles unique. These signature pieces will come to life against solid-colored fabrics from cotton to silk. The bohemian chic style pieces are perfect to layer with kimono style open blouses and scarves. This week’s collection is also very visceral and textural, it has a natural feel so it’s perfect to complement other natural accessories like raffia, straw, and even wicker. These are also the perfect pieces to wear with natural fibers too, like linen and denim.

vintage meet modern boho chic and fancy free


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