Collection Sneak Peek: Pearls, Bows & Gems

May 26, 2020

Who Will Love This Collection

✓ Ladies who love lightweight statement necklaces

✓ Fans of figural jewelry including bows. Bows are fun and beautiful—just ask Grace, Audrey, and Jackie!

✓ Pearl lovers

✓ New and serious vintage jewelry collectors! We have pieces from big names this week including Weiss, YSL, Dior, Kramer, Chanel, and more.

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection

What’s Special and New This Week

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection
Necklaces via VMM
Lace Peplum Blouse - Free People (Veronica’s Personal Collection)

Ahhh-mazing vintage statement necklaces that are lightweight!Don’t ya just hate when you fall in love with a piece of jewelry but pass because it feels too heavy? I totally understand, so I found some awesome pieces that are lightweight but don’t skimp on style and presence. These beauties are perfect to wear with tanks and tees in the summer and all year long. You definitely want to take a closer look at them because they definitely won’t last long!

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection
Bow Brooches via VMM

Figural Jewelry.We have some fantastic figural pieces this week, including flowers and bows! Bows are synonymous with feminine grace and high fashion. You won’t go a season without seeing bows on the runway and in real life. Bow jewelry is perfect to add to your collection or it can be one of the first pieces you collect. They never go out of style, and they can easily be worn casually or dressy. You are also in good company when you wear a bow—many of our favorite fashion icons know that the great bow detail is part of an elegant, timeless look.

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection
Pearls Jewelry via VMM
Featured with book from Veronica’s Personal Collection “People and Pearls”

Pearls, please!We know you can’t get enough of this timeless classic, so we are excited to have some new pearl pretties. You are definitely going to want to set your alarm for these pieces because I am sure they will sell out. Pretty, wearable and distinctive designs are sure to catch the eye of our pearl-loving gals + they will go nicely with other pearl pieces you might already have.

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection
Collector Must-Haves
(Left-Right):Weiss Earrings,Joseff Morton (Miriam Haskell’s Nephew),Coco Chanel Brooch

What do you think when you hear names likeChanel, Dior, Weiss, Kramer and Swarovski? For many, they get excited because these are names they know, and they are synonymous with haute couture and luxury. This is exactly why you are going to love this week’s collection—we have a lot of signed pieces! Not only are signed pieces fun to wear, but they appreciate in value, so you can feel good about investing in these treasures every time you wear them.

How to Wear This Week’s Collection

Oh, this is a hard one because all of these pieces are SO AMAZING! But if I had to give you one suggestion, I would say rock these pieces with a short puffed sleeve sweater. This style of sweater is perfect for brooches on the side, and the bow brooches look absolutely adorable worn this way. These tops also have a great neckline which is perfect to wear with a lightweight necklace. The short sleeves are perfect to show off bracelets too!

vintage meet modern pearls bows and gems collection

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