Collection Sneak Peek: Signature Pieces for Summer

May 22, 2020

Vintage Meet Modern’s Signature Summer Jewelry Collection offers a variety of vintage brooches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to women who desire unique pieces that tell a story. This collection is dedicated to women who are craving staple vintage jewelry pieces for the summer season and beyond!

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

Who Will Love This Collection

✓ Women Craving a Signature Piece for Summer (These pieces are perfect to add a unique touch to your look.)

✓ Babes Who Love Blues (I’m currently daydreaming of those blue summer skies and deep blue oceans.)

✓ Gals Who Love to Tell a Story (Your accessories can also be your “ice breaker”.)

What’s Special and New This Week

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

Amazing cuff, collar and statement necklaces from well-known designers, including Givenchy, Clara Studios, KJL and Trifari.

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

Outstanding blue rhinestone pieces, including brooches, earrings and bracelets.

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

Conversation-starting pieces, including an awesome large & round medallion brooch from legendary designer Mary McFadden and a very cool black bakelite cameo. We also have some fun & funky geisha statement earrings that are so over-the-top in terms of vintage fabulousness (yes, that is a wordI promise) that they will fetch compliments. These earrings will also serve as the perfect conversation starter whether you wear them on Zoom during meetings or out to the grocery store.

(Left Top, Left Bottom, Above)
Vintage Designer Statement Jewelry Via VMM

As jewelry and accessory lovers, we are drawn to people who also wear eye-catching, conversation-starting pieces. We also love sharing the stories behind our pieces as well, so it’s fun when someone asks, “Where did you get that brooch?”

And you can say “That’s a great story….”

How to Wear Them

Every piece we select has to easily complement modern fashion and what real women wear everyday. You will be excited to shop this collection because it is definitely summer-ready! It seems like summer is so far away, but in reality this collection is coming out Memorial Day Weekend...the unofficial start to the summer season!

This Signature Summer Jewelry Collection can easily be worn with every color along with your favorite jeans and tees, tanks and flowy pants, knit dresses, caftans, and kimonos.

vintage meet modern signature summer pieces

Get excited, darlings! These are just a few sneak peeks...the whole collection is absolutely fabulous!

It is perfect for our serious collectors and style-seeking mavens because we truly do have something for everyone. Each piece of vintage jewelry will surely put a smile on your face and complete your look. I’m super excited to see which pieces you pick to add your collection!



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