February 9: Bright and Beautiful Sparkles

February 11, 2020

Hello, Lovely Ladies!

Oh, am I excited about this week’s collection.Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I literally have all the heart eyes over this week’s finds.😍Pretty in pink (and jewel tones too)! Bright colors, bold pieces, and a timeless look are some of the things you can expect to see.

My inspiration for these beauties came from Mary Crawley, JCrew and springtime because a new season will be here before you know it!Here are my favorites and why:

Tons of Pretty Pieces to Go with Pink
JCrew does it again with a fabulousscallop cut blouse. The pretty scallop details in pink are perfect to put with all the gorgeous pink pieces we have.It’s so easy to do a tone-on-tone look, or pick the blouse in a neutral color and pair it with jewelry that stands out.

Black and Red Forever

How many times have you said or heard, “Women just don’t dress like they used to?”Ok, well maybe you won’t be wearing a Post Edwardian Dress like Mary Crawley to preschool pick-up, but I am 100% sure you can wear an authentic 1920s Jet Necklace with a red dress or red blouse around town.

So the next time you think to yourself: Could I wear a piece from the past with what I have hanging in my closet? The answer undoubtedly is “Yes, definitely!”And when you do, it will be splendidly in style.

Bright and Beautiful

This collection is fun! As our favorite stores are slowly rolling out their spring looks, we are seeing bright pops of color, and so many of the pieces we have will really help you achieve a standout look. Farewell, boring blahs and hello, bright and beautiful!

These are just a few of my favorites this week.Of course, the entire collection has been carefully curated for you, and each piece is special and unique. Iknow that you are going to find something you love, and I can’t wait to see what you pick!

I hope you have a fabulous week, and Happy Valentine’s Day, too!
Always Sparkle,

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