February 16, 2020

This week’s Jewelry Party Wednesday is focused on colors of harmony, freshness and renewal. In this collection, we have vintage jewelry with captivating shades that go beautifully with warm and cool tones.

Czech jewelry is another fun thing we are crushing hard on this month! Because we know many of you love it as much as we do (and even collect it), we made sure to include some incredible and unique pieces that we just know you’ll adore.

I’ll share with you some awesome style tips as well as advice on the types of outfits, patterns and fabrics this collection will pair well with. And as always, I’ll share where my inspiration came from when creating this collection, so you can be sure that every piece will easily complement and elevate your everyday look!

We love to make these fun mid-week parties a celebration of style and a celebration of YOU. That’s why we always offer our viewers the chance to win a prize simply by commenting or participating in a little challenge!

This week’s prize is a pink jewelry box, and the winner will be announced next Wednesday.

When you watch the video, comment below to let me know you’re watching and tell me which pieces you’re loving. I cannot wait to see what you add to your jewelry collection!


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