May 22, 2019

How to Get That Goddess Glam With Vintage Meet Modern

You are a masterpiece and your style reflects that.This week's collection is all about celebrating the Goddess that you are.

Jewelry has such a long tradition throughout history of being associated with wealth, power, distinction, and glamor. Take a quick look through the history books at Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly to name a few and you will see incredible beauty, poise, elegance, and jewelry.

If you have ever admired the cover of Vogue or lingered looking at your favorite painting hanging in an art gallery or rewatched the same scene of your favorite old Hollywood movie over and over again, I know most of the women I work with crave more of that look and feel in their life.

Enter this week's collection.It's all about powerful stylish statements including Old Hollywood Glam, ethereal bohemian chic, radiant Goddess style.

If you are looking instantly get a glow, capture looks of admiration, and most importantly love what you see in the mirror then this is the collection for you.The only question is which piece will you wear first because you are going to want them all.


Drama, we've got it for you. Fantastic statement earrings perfect for the lovely lady with short hair or loves to wear her hair up. You don't want to miss out on these one-of-kind beauties that were all inspired by the covers of Vogue throughout the years and some of your favorite fashion mavens from Grace Kelly to Jennifer Lopez.

Boho and Beachy Beauties
Soon it will be time for sand in your toes and a sun-kissed glow, sundresses, and windblown tresses and this collection have a bohemian spirit about it including lots of genuine mother of pearl, the sister to the more polished and preppy classic pearl jewelry. Our Shell and mother of pearl pieces have a free spirit about them and celebrate the joy of running through fields, enjoying long walks, watching beautiful sunsets. You can feel like you can soak in all the world has to offer while wearing these beautiful pieces.

If you love eternal style icons like Grace Kelly quite a few of these pieces will give you that look and feel. Grace exuded effortless style and aura though what we know about this fashion maven it really was her carefully chosen accessories and repetitive signature style that so many became enchanted, keep reading to find out how you can achieve that look as one of my Chic Tips.

Quotes & Takeaways

"Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed."
Jennifer Lopez

"There is an earring for everyone."
Veronica Staudt

Chic Tip

Busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Stick with a style, let it become part of your signature look. Grace Kelly is a perfect example, you don't need to reinvent your look over and over again, embrace your look and love it, change it by the way of accessories and rotation of clothing and accessories that fit you and your lifestyle instead of overwhelming yourself with constantly needed new clothes, a new haircut or the latest trends.

Your look will never get boring by swapping out your accessories including your jewelry, handbags, and scarves. Defining your style will also save you time.

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