January 12, 2020: Colorful Jewelry for Modern Women in 2020

January 13, 2020

I think a lot of us start the New Year off with good intentions.

As a visionary and dreamer, I share the same sentimentsbig goals, huge dreams, and lots of plans!

Then the Holiday Happiness Buzz fades away.

2019 was amazing at Vintage Meet Modern, but we had a lot of ups and downs, too.

Some of my best laid out plans from January 2019 seemed to get hit by speed bumps, serious detours, accidents, and even unplanned family emergencies. Professionally and personally, I had to re-group… a lot.

Enter 2020 and a new decade. One thing remains the same here at VMM: our desire to serve you and help you look and feel your best! As I have scribbled down our own goals for this year and beyond, I can already see a pattern...small changes = timeless empowering personal style.

For those of you who know our story or have heard bits and pieces of it along the way, my personal love of jewelry started as a child, but my practical and professional passion for helping women to look their best related to jewelry started over 20 years ago. I stepped into a client’s shoes this year and in the past and thought, we don't need to change everything about a woman in one day to help her look and feel her best every day. In fact, let's start with the smallest of details and see if it can make a world of difference because after all, the jewelry always fits regardless of age, weight, color, race, creed, etc.

Now as I enter my twentieth year of working in personal styling and shopping (with a box of jewelry as my secret to empowering great style), it's time to go back to the basics and remember that small changes can make the biggest impact!

So this week's collection is inspired by that notion.

1)The pieces in every collection always fit. Don't stress over going into the dressing room or thinking you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe What VMM offers will work with your life TODAY.

2)The choice is clear. You all know I love a good pun so I can't resist. We have some really gorgeous clear pieces and these pieces literally go with everything so you can't say, "what would I wear with it?"

3)Red!Red is the color of love. It's also the color of garnet, the January Birthstone. We love you and we love jewelry so know that when you look a little closer at this week's collection, it was literally picked for you with love, care and admiration. We applaud and celebrate your style every week and what an honor it is to have your wear our pieces.

4)Brooches away. Going back to the basics, we want everyone to feel comfortable. As you know by now or if you are new around here, you will always hear me say if you are new to vintage jewelry or even new to upping your jewelry and accessories game, go forth and brooch it. Women of distinction know that a great brooch cannot easily be found in the mainstream cookie-cutter and fast fashion stores. They are pretty, practical and literally always fit!

5)Style Speaks. In the beginning, I chatted a bit about how you can make small changes to achieve incredible style and I meant it! We have some lovely pieces this week. The Damascene pieces are so unique. They speak volumes about style without having to say a word, so if you want to set yourself apart or feel empowered, try adding one of these beauties to your collection. They are great conversation starters and are beautifully crafted. One small treasure can really elevate your whole look!

Be sure to check out my favorites:

Always Sparkle, Lovelies... I can't wait to see what you pick!

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