Week 44 New Arrivals

January 18, 2019

Like Magic...

This collection goes with everything in your closet and can be worn any day of the year.

Don’t you ever wish you could find amazing jewelry and clothing that magically goes with everything but at the same time always looks captivating and unique?

Guess what? Look no more!We love two styles of jewelry that transform any look over and over without being completely different. What do I mean?

Watch our Week 44 New Arrivals Video to see what I mean.

Let’s start with aurora borealis jewelry. It’s magical, it’s captivating, it’s iridescent, goes with everything literally, and will literally change colors with whatever you put it with. Created in the 1950s by Swarovski, Aurora Borealis Jewelry became all the rage. It’s iridescent gleam and sparkle caught the light much different than traditional clear rhinestone jewelry and had the unique ability to change with the light and being paired with different colors. Throughout the years Aurora Borealis jewelry has been popular with brides, movie stars, jewelry, and couture fashion designers, and all sparkle loving gals. Inspired by the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis was meant to sparkle, shine, change colors, be a bit magical and mysterious, too.

In the recent year, Aurora Borealis jewelry has been very popular again, it has always been prized by collectors but newer designers have been advertising it as the “iridescent trend.” That is why it’s so exciting to bring you this week’s collection because it is not trendy, it’s timeless and the quality cannot be matched or compared, we are talking about legacy worthy authentic Aurora Borealis pieces that are unique and beautiful just like you. For the same price, you can own the original and a piece with much better quality and design. Don’t just take my word for it, be sure to watch the video of the pieces live and view our lookbook because you are going to adore them, it will be love at first sparkle.

Because iridescent is so magical, we have also included some fan favorites this week, some truly gorgeous opaline pieces. Opals are also prided for their magical ability to transform. Throughout the last 75+ years, designers have created opal art glass cabochons, dragons breath cabochons, opaline rhinestones to transform their jewelry and accessories. Always a favorite here at VMM, we are excited to debut some new pieces with the opaline glow, we know that these beauties will find homes quickly.

Lastly, is there anything more elegant and transformative than the beauty of elegant gold. We have got some great classic gold pieces this week, too. I consider gold jewelry to be every accessory loving gal must have, a jewelry box essential. So whether you like subtle and chic or bold and beautiful, the gold pieces we have this week will turn heads, add some warmth to your look during these cold winter months, and have you feeling like a glowing Goddess wherever you go.

Enjoy this week’s collection, Lovelies!Can’t wait to see what you pick.


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