Week 45 New Arrivals

January 25, 2019

Sometimes it’s best to invest in the classics. It was another fabulous week here at VMM. I really enjoyed curating this week’s collection. Take a look at this weeks collection and you’ll see, it has two common themes: Pearls for our girls who love the classics, and bold smokey, silvery tones for our girls who love Bohemian Chic styles.

I wanted this collection to be about classic styles more than anything else. I think when people hear pearls they think of a few things: classic pearl stud earrings or the classic single strand pearl necklace. Some women adore it, others enjoy it as a classic style but it is simply just a bit too simple or common. So this week I was excited to bring you an entire collection of pearl jewelry but with a huge variation in styles. We have a dainty mother of pearl carved pieces from the 40s, decadent fringed mother of pearl pieces from Castlecliff, and in incredible looped pearl collar which I even show you how you can add a brooch to it to change the look of it over and over again. If you catch the replay of our #live show, I can tell you, the ladies went crazy for this collection, and many pieces sold out immediately. These pieces are just a few highlights, we had over 65 pieces in this week’s collection!

If pearls were not your jam, we also had some beautiful bohemian chic finds, too. Which actually contrasted and complimented all the pearl jewelry at the same time. We had some gorgeous statement finds in edgy yet elegant silver tones. What excites me the most about this week’s collection is you can’t find these pieces anywhere else, I challenge you to head to your department store or favorite local boutique and these Boho beauties could not be replicated at all. It is so fun to add something truly unique and distinctive to your look, besides the history of these treasures, you are also getting something one of kind today, tomorrow, and pretty much forever.

Enjoy our Week 45 Collection Lovelies! It was curated with love for all for you.

Team VMM

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