Week 47 New Arrivals

February 08, 2019

What’s not to love about this collection? It is swoon-worthy. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, and being hopelessly addicted to sparkles, it was really easy to put together a collection of really pretty pieces. As simple as that, they are pretty pieces curated for the beautiful women in my life - all of you. I hope you enjoy this week’s collection and find the perfect piece or two to add to your jewelry box.

Show Highlights

In this episode, we share with you a gorgeous array of colors including your favorite, pink, purples, and reds.

We also have a lot of gorgeous floral inspired pieces including bracelets and brooches.

Amethyst is also the February Birthstone so there are quite a few genuine amethyst and amethyst colored crystal pieces. Amethyst is a uniquely powerful crystal that can transform lives. Not only is it a beautiful color to wear, it has many spiritual, emotional, and physical properties, too.

Pink jewelry is a fun way to add a feminine touch to your look. . The color pink is the color of the universal love of oneself and of others.

Quotes & Takeaways

“Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive.” - Anonymous

“Vintage jewelry is special for that is exact reason, it’s a celebration of love and love no knows bounds. So if I had one wish for all of you, it is to love yourself and sparkle wherever you go because the world needs more of it.” Veronica Staudt

Chic Tip - Many Couture designers like Chanel and Dior use embellishments such as roses and flowers. The vintage gold rose brooches we featured this week are an easy and affordable way to capture that look.


All of the items featured are available under our Week 47 Collection -All of our pieces are one of a kind authentic vintage and we do sell out quickly.

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