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Your answer kinda shocked me...

Recently I turned to all of you with an important question…Do you like to shop in person or online for vintage finds?

As a vintage seller who has met so many of you online, I was shocked when 80% of you said in person. Those that answered online said it was because you did not live in an area where you could easily shop for vintage in person but that in-person was your preference.

As you know VMM is dedicated to helping you find the best vintage jewelry to fit your modern life and that is why we are so proud to serve you both in person and online. You love to touch and feel the pieces in person, and we love to meet you, hug you, connect you to the pieces that are meant to be in person, too.

If you have never shopped a vintage market, here are 5 reasons why you must follow us and find out where we are going to pop up because just like we source the best jewelry, we also pop up at the best places where it's more than jewelry, it's an experience.

1) Atmosphere

At VMM, we pop up places that fit your lifestyle. Recently, we popped up at places likeRetrospect Chicago and JCrew. As we put it "high vibe" places. Incredible people, music that puts you in a good mood, displays that catch your eye and inspire you, locations that are easy to navigate, friendly folks and more. After all the VMM woman has a lot to do in her life so when she shops, it must put her in a good mood, too. It's fun to shop from the convenience of your home but the atmosphere at events can't be recreated. Not only will you leave with some fantastic finds, you'll leave in a better mood, too.

2) Experts

You crave great style but you also crave information. In today's age, you could google anything but high-quality in-person events are full of experts that can aid you in your style journey, support your values, and cure your thirst for knowledge. High-quality events bring out the best of curators in the vintage and antique world. Many times you get a history and styling session with white glove customer service all at the same time, as well you should because you deserve nothing but the best.

3) Rare Finds

You can find anything on the internet or can you? In many ways you can but only at a vintage event like Retrospect Chicago can you find a Dior Purse, a massive collection of vintage sunglasses (which can all be fitted with prescription lenses, to by the way) Zsa Zsa Gabor's jewelry and more all under the same roof and get to take them home the same day. Vintage markets and events have rare finds that are immediately accessible. Just don't wait too long, because nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn't buy, if you see and love it, snap that rare find up because it was meant for you.

4) Sustainability

I like to remind people when you shop at vintage events and markets pat yourself on the back, you are part of the sustainable fashion movement. You are surrounded by unique out-of-production goods that are getting to be loved and appreciated again. Many of the things found at these events are curated and in excellent condition, there is no good reason to simply discard them. People who are new to shopping vintage are always a bit taken aback when we tell them something is 50, 60, 70, 80+ years old. When things are taken care of an are of a higher quality which most vintage goods are, they are a way to support the sustainable fashion movement and lifestyle. I like to remind people if it's in this good of condition now with care there is no reason why it should not live on for another 50, 60, 70, 80+ years.

5) Something for everyone

High-quality events have a little something for everyone so bring your bestie, mom, significant other and children, too. Vintage events like Retrospect and Randolph Street Market have a little bit of something for everyone. Food for the foodie, vintage t-shirts for those who crave casual styles, vintage couture for the fashionista, cufflinks for dad, vintage books for the history lover, home decor for the Joanna Gaines fan, even cupcakes for the kiddies and you can never start their curiosity and love of vintage too soon.

So are you excited to go vintage shopping?

We are! And we can't wait to meet you in person at events that have all of the things we talked about here. Vintage Meet Modern pops up at least twice a month at awesome events from European Style Markets, Small Boutiques, Vintage Faires, Antique Shows and even shops you love like JCrew and Ann Taylor. We bring our best jewelry and of couse, our best style secrets and suggestions, too.

We'll see you in person soon!

Veronica and the VMM Family  

Have a suggestion where you would like to see us pop up? Send it our way here.

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May 07, 2019

You have so many beautiful items on your website! I have just been browsing the whole collections! Personally, I would prefer to buy in person. Mainly because I’m quite petite, so earrings would be a big guess for me.

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