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Vintage Meet Modern is more than a vintage jewelry company—it’s a part of the sustainable fashion movement today, tomorrow and forever! We want our entire community to join us in this movement in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

It’s quite simple to “go green” and still be fabulously chic! Let’s celebrate our wonderful earth by doing our part with these top 5 tips:

  1. Shop Vintage. As an added bonus, you are usually supporting a small business too!
  2. Accessories are always the answer.Choose accessories that will always fit and have a longer lifetime than something that is seasonal. In a style rut? There is no need for a whole new wardrobe when you can change your look with something that always fits and sets you apart from the rest.
  3. Renting is rewarding, and we love Armoire Style! Renting is a fantastic way to update your look when you are in between sizes or feel bored with what you have in your closet but don’t want to invest in pieces you don’t love. It even prevents you from acquiring a bunch of stuff you thought you loved but really didn’t and now they’re headed to the donation pile.

  4. Get creative.Instead of purging your clothing items, challenge yourself to create new looks with what you already have in your closet. Sometimes all it takes is adding a little something new or simply wearing something you already have in a unique way. This not only prevents a style rut, but it also prevents unnecessary waste.
  5. Mend it. Instead of discarding something that still has life left in it but might have a small flaw (like a cashmere sweater with a small hole) or shoe that has a loose sole, take it to be repaired and breathe new life into it. Our society has become a “one and done” society. With lower ticket priced fast fashion, it’s tempting to discard pieces once they get a small hole or loose seam because things are considered cheap and readily available. There is also the temptation to buy a lot of inexpensive items that don’t last instead of a few higher-quality pieces.

If you truly want to be chic and green, a very simple step towards supporting the sustainable fashion movement is taking care of what you have including spending time and money on mending, alterations, and repair. There are certain tasks you can even easily learn yourself like sewing on a button or mending a small hole on your sweater through online tutorials and even YouTube videos. Many other repairs (like getting your shoes repaired or polished or getting pants let out or taken in) are still more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and time-saving than simply wearing and discarding an item.

Mending or repairing can even be applied to jewelry and accessories, too. If you have a necklace you love but don’t wear it, take it to your jeweler to have it lengthened or shortened. Have a single diamond earring because you lost the match? Then have it turned into a pendant. Mending and altering things we have is also a chic way to be green!

Stay tuned to Vintage Meet Modern for more tips on how you can support the sustainable fashion movement while still looking & feeling your best everyday!


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Rhonda Baker
Rhonda Baker

August 12, 2020

Great tip on turning an only earring in to CV a pendant!!! I am going to do that!!! Thanks!!!

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