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Beautiful Bracelets!

Charm, Elegance,Glamour, Nostalgia, Sophistication

Distinctive, Memorable, Personal Style ---that is what I think of when I think about bracelets.

Bracelets are something we know a thing, or two, or twenty about. It’s more than the type of jewelry, it’s what we associate and feel when we wear them.

It brings me great joy to work with clients in person. When I work with them, I get to experience a bit of the way they express themselves through what they wear. I get to hear and see things from a unique point of view. It’s funny whether you wear bracelets or not, they are always an immediate attraction. While admiring them or trying them on, I frequently hear things like...

“Oh, I remember watching a movie where Marlene Dietrich wore stacks and stacks of bracelets. It was so glamorous, sophisticated, edgy, captivating.”

Image courtesy of Pinterest 


Or someone will hold up a charm bracelet and say, “my grandmother had a charm bracelet just like this, it had charms from all over the world, and charms from special occasions like our birthstones or things she liked to do like sew or garden, I wonder what happened to that bracelet?”


Famous Charm Bracelets Left To Right 

Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis images via Pinterest 

Some of our recent favorites 
Vintage Charm Bracelets
Recent Finds from Vintage Meet Modern from top to bottom
Colorful 1960s Rock Candy Charm Bracelet (coming soon)
Loaded Silver Shell Bracelet Charm Bracelet


“Iris! Iris Apfel, I love her style, her courage to embrace being unique at any age. I love the way she rocks stacks and stacks of bracelets. So tiny and petite but such bold, captivating personal style.”

Left Photo of Iris Apfel courtesy of Pinterest 

Right Bangles from Vintage Meet Modern 


These are just a few of the things I hear when people try on bracelets.

Recently, we had picture going around where someone commented that it seemed like every piece she fell in love with was sold out and I had to stop and think, people love bracelets! They are one of our top sellers, so I have sourced some beauties from all over the world. Ravishing Rhinestones that will transport you back in time to the glamorous days of Old Hollywood.

Charmed, I’m sure! Charm bracelets that have a modern romantic feel. They feel fun, preppy, boho, whimsical, and memorable. These beauties embody all the playfulness and memories associated with this style.

Bold, Beautiful, Bangles. Love the free spirit associated with one great bangle bracelet or the eclectic mix of many? I’ve collected some great bangles from all over the world, perfect to start a collection or add to your stack.

The quintessential cuff. Rachel Zoe said, “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor,” I think there is no better style of jewelry to bring that quote to life than the bold, fierce, cuff bracelet. Whether channeling runway or royalty, we are all Wonder Women armed with the power of personal style and panache.

 Huge Vintage Cuff Bracelets

Sunny Harnett wearing costume jewelry by Anne Fogarty (left via Pinterest) 

Vintage Meet Modern Napier Cuff Bracelet (right) 


I hope you will enjoy bracelet week as much as we do, and help us celebrate by telling us about why you love bracelets, what’s in your jewelry box and how you wear them! Can’t wait to see what you are all wearing!

So many great pieces and iconic styles to inspire!

Famous Fashion Icons Wearing Bracelets

What's your style? Bangle, Chain and Link, Charm, Cuff, Rhinestones? 

All kinds of beautiful bracelets, all hand sourced, collected and curated for you! 

Always Sparkle,




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Denise Abernethy
Denise Abernethy

September 06, 2018

Your bracelets are gorgeous where can I purchase them online catalog by mail please send me a email address 😃😍

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