March 03, 2021

Help Wanted.

While I have shied away from asking for help (full of pride here), VMM needs a little help from you spreading the word about our little brand in the big world.

You just can’t buy these pieces on Amazon. There really is a hashtag #cantbuythisonamazon

Our pieces are unique, out of production, they were never produced and many pieces were made and assembled by real people right here in the USA! Fun fact, I did an interview with Andrea from Lost Orchid Interiors who told us all about her grandmother who worked for

B.David in Ohio assembling those beautiful rhinestone pieces that so many of you collect.

Also, I thank you in advance. I wish I was Amazon but I cannot provide two-day shipping like Amazon Prime no matter how hard I try. I know many of you get excited when you see your pretty from VMM has shipped and then feel a let down when you see the tracking number bounce all over the country or even your own town before it finally lands on your doorstep. I am a giver and I’d like you all to know that if I could deliver every piece in person, I would. I also feel your pain and frustration.

Vintage is also receiving a lot of positive press lately.Golden Globe nominee Ethan Hawke and his wife Ryan were spotted wearing vintage clothing, bought at Second Skin Vintage, Castle Street in Wilmington, at the virtual event held on Sunday, February 28.

Did you know that“the Secondhand market [is] set to hit $64B in the next 5 years”? I walk the walk, too! Here are some pictures of me wearing vintage jewelry and every piece of clothes I am wearing was purchased from ThredUp.

Vintage is making a comeback that you can feel proud to be part of. Many of you already have an appreciation for the story behind the pieces, the environmental aspect of shopping vintage, and of course how it makes your style unique and personal, moving away from the mass-marketed trends on sites like Amazon.

Many of you shop with Vintage Meet Modern for that exact reason and that is why I love and appreciate you so much.

I need your help! Please tell a friend about Vintage Meet Modern or Join us tonight and share our video. It means more than you know. Vintage Meet Modern, like many small businesses, has faced a lot of challenges due to CoronaVirus - everything from canceled events, postal delays, to changes in how people dress day-to-day.

I know many of you are exhausted from hearing about these challenges but not getting to do in-person events has really affected us. Selling vintage jewelry is more than necklaces and brooches, Vintage Meet Modern is a movement celebrating the vintage modern mix and memorable, empowering personal style. Even if you don’t buy our pieces, we sure do appreciate your support and tell a friend or family member about us.

I am also proud to talk about brands and products that help you live a better life and elevate your personal style. Many might not know that while I do not receive compensation often for my reviews of products that will enhance your life, I do have a lot of experience in sales, customer service, and brand awareness. If you know of a brand or product looking for an ambassador, please pass on my information or let me know of a brand that might need some love from me.

I want to thank you for supporting a small business. I want to thank you for understanding that our products can’t be found on Amazon and while that provides challenges, we also embrace them because we know they make a difference in your life and ultimately the world.

Every week I get excited to connect with all of you and also to put together fresh and new collections. My number one goal is to help you be your best inside and out. I want you to love what you see in the mirror and know the pieces you wear to celebrate your personal style. It also means that you are supporting a small business and real people who in turn also support small businesses and make a difference in their own personal communities.

Don’t worry, I also shop Amazon, Target, J.Crew, and many other shops that you enjoy and shop at, too. After all, it isVintage Meet Modern.

At the end of the day, I want us all to feel good that when you shop Vintage Meet Modern, you really #cantbuythisonamazon.

Thank you all for being part of the VMM way of life, and I hope we can grow our little circle to be even bigger and better.



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