March 10, 2021

We had so much fun chatting about skincare this week that I decided to keep the party going and chat with you about tried and true faves in my makeup bag.

I am not a beauty vlogger or makeup expert but I do love makeup. I have a rather large collection of products and colors and enjoy wearing makeup much the way I love skincare and jewelry. I frequently add new colors and palettes seasonally. I replace products when I run out, too.

I think of makeup much like another accessory; you can skip it but you can also use it to enhance your look and personalize your individual style.

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Before I even start talking about lipstick and eyeshadows, remember makeup goes on better with a “solid foundation” so be sure to check out my skincare routine before I even put my makeup on. Also remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I cannot say enough about how great skin starts with hydration. Whether you wear makeup or not, everything from your skincare products to makeup will go smoother if you make drinking water part of your daily routine.

Let’s talk about makeup. Just like with skincare, you will see very quickly a theme. When I find products that work, I stick with them. I have been loyal to Bobbi Brown’s products for nearly 20 years.

Why do I stick with Bobbi Brown? I find that if you purchase from the Bobbi Brown counter in higher-end department stores like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, or Nordstrom, besides the salesperson, the counter has a trained Bobbi Brown Makeup artist on staff. This means they are trained on the latest products and can answer your questions about everything from how to pick the right shades and colors to how to proper application. Bobbi Brown can be very generous with samples if you are on the fence about something and also frequently will do in-store makeovers if you schedule them in advance. Many times this is complimentary. Though if you love the way you look, most likely you will walk away with a few new items that you will love.

This type of service is not limited to Bobbi Brown. If you love Estee Lauder, Lancome, Dior, or Chanel, most of the time when you visit the department store the brand has a representative present.

I also like Bobbi Brown because the brand prides itself on being derived from the colors in nature. Meaning it is intended to be a natural look. The “natural look” is another reason why I stick with this brand.

My first step is always to use the Vitamin Enriched Face Base which acts as a makeup primer and moisturizer. I like it because it does not go on greasy, absorbs quickly, and adds a layer of hydration helping your foundation go on smoother. I also add a hydrating eye cream to my under-eye area. It helps with dark circles and adds extra hydration which helps significantly when applying corrector and concealer.

I use two foundations depending on what my day looks like. I really like the long-wear fluid powder foundation because it does what it says. It stays on for a long time with minimal touch-up. I also use the intensive skin serum foundation when I find that I will be outside in the elements more during the day or if I am doing videos/taking pictures. It goes on a little heavier but it also has a broad spectrum SPF 40. I use a combination of a foundation brush and a beauty blender to blend my foundation evenly.

I do my brows next. Yes, I have mentioned I wish I could go back in time and not pluck or wax my brows as much as I did. I use Anastasia’s Brow Definer to fill in my brows. I like it because the pencil part is thicker and it blends easily. Plus it comes in a lot of different shades and the brush to blend your brows in on the opposite end of the pencil. I also use Anastasia’s Brow Gel in clear to set my brows. Even though I have small brows, setting them with clear gel helps hold the color all day. I like a natural look so I use the clear vs. tinted gel.

From there I do my eyes. I like using Bobbi Brown Palette and typically treat myself to a new one each season. I find that you get a lot of bang for your buck with color selection and again, they last a long time or at least until you get a bit bored with the colors (like I do) or you want to change up your colors based on the season. I use natural colors on my eyes starting with a color called “Bone” all over then I fill in from crease to lid with a color called “Antique Rose.” How appropriate, right? I like to add a little color to my lids but I also like something that I can’t screw up. I use another Bobbi Brown Product that I love. It’s called the “Longwear Cream Shadow Stick” and they go on like your traditional eyeshade except in a cream form so it doesn't flake or look powdery. I love that you can really blend it in for a very natural look and they are available with both a matte and pearl finish.

I finish up with Mascara and I swear by Dior Addict It-Lash. I have never been very good at putting on falsies but when I use this mascara I feel like it goes on as close as I will ever get to them. It does not flake, it has a deep black color, and the brush works well with my thin lashes. Note, this product is pretty much only available at department stores with a Dior Makeup Counter. It is worth the trip or ship (Nordstrom offers free shipping). It is not available at Sephora or Ulta.

I sweep golden light highlighter/bronzer to warm up my face. I sweep Pale Pink or Powder Pink on my cheekbones as blush.

I know many apply corrector/concealer earlier but I put mine on last or towards the end of my makeup routine. I was taught that if you get any makeup like mascara flakes or eye shadow fall out, you can easily use a little makeup remover to clean up the area before you put the concealer on instead of having it blend into your concealer/corrector and having to take it all off.

Because I keep my skin, including my eye area hydrated, I tend to only need a corrector which helps with my dark circles. I do use concealer to cover up a few tiny regular known problem areas. I have a red freckle on the bridge of my nose that I cover up and I have two small dark spots from past scars. The concealer helps blend both in.

I am always very careful about taking extra time to blend my skin with the products so that everything I put on looks natural.

People really love the pricier name-brand beauty blenders but I am very happy with the drugstore brand I use which includes an orange blender for foundation/makeup and a pink sponge for powder to set your look. Linked below.

With all the talk about Bobbi Brown Products, you would think that I would use their powder but I use E.L.F. setting powders to set my make up or touch up and remove the shine on the go.

I finish my look with a product I love. The Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown. If I was to tell you to splurge on one Bobbi Brown product, this is the one. It acts as a highlighter and also gives you that “sparkly” glow that so many of you comment about. As a bonus, you can use individual colors to highlight your eyes like an eyeshadow. Also based on application difficulty I rate this an easy 2. If you can apply a sweep of blush on your cheeks and across your T-Zone and splurge on the brush, it will become part of your routine on autopilot. Plus this is a product you can use and enjoy even if youdon’t wear a lot of makeup.

Last comes lipstick! I love lipstick! I use Bobbi Brown lipsticks in the gold tube. I love this type of lipstick offered by Bobbi because I have a habit of licking my lipstick off unintentionally. Secondly, I have very pink pigmented lips. This formula stays on and covers my lips evenly. My next post will cover my favorite lipstick colors.

It has been so fun chatting with all of you about makeup. Like I said for me, makeup is much like an accessory. I love wearing a bit of it everyday and I love to change it up pretty frequently.

Be sure to tell me about some of your favorite brands. As a makeup lover, I always enjoy hearing about what other people enjoy.

What’s even faster than makeup? Jewelry! Pop on your favorite earrings or necklace and before you can even swipe on your lipstick you are ready to go.


PS - One More Thing:Bobbi Brown offers Digital Services Online Now. If you are unsure about what products to use or finding the perfect shade, you have access to their beauty representatives so you can shop with confidence.

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