March 18, 2021

Thank you so much for your compliments and questions about my lipstick.
Today I am sharing my favorite lipstick and some little luxuries that I also love.


I really enjoy wearing lipstick much the same way I enjoy wearing jewelry.

When you look in the mirror, you really should love what you see. For me, I find that jewelry and a bit of makeup can make a world of difference related to my self-esteem and even productivity with minimal effort, too. Adding some jewelry and a swipe of lipstick can take less than 5 seconds so why not treat yourself to an almost instant mood boost and personal style statement.  

When I put on jewelry, I know it is going to compliment my face in the sense that it will set me apart from the rest, add a bit of personality, and highlight my facial features.

Since I spend a lot of time taking pictures and doing live videos, I find that lipstick can go a long way. I do like bright, classic colors like bright reds and pinks even during the day on a Tuesday.

Today I am sharing my favorite lipsticks with you.

I am a Bobbi Brown Girl. The short story is when I worked at Neiman Marcus, the Bobbi Brown counter was right across the way from the jewelry counter. I became friends with some of the makeup artists and representatives for Bobbi Brown and the customer service and demonstration of the products has made me a loyal Bobbi Brown customer for life.

soho sizzle

Just like Vintage Meet Modern, you should expect more. I was shocked when a fellow business associate said to me a few years ago that she did not realize that when you strolled through Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus you could request to have items tried on, get suggestions made for your skin type, and even samples to try at home before you buy. I want to emphasize that good customer service can make all the difference. It’s so important before you commit to buying any product. (more on that on a different day)

Bobbi Brown representatives at in-person locations like department stores have always been trusted advisors. I have never felt pressured to buy something and I have always felt that they have genuinely wanted to help me find products that would make me feel good about myself and the woman I saw in the mirror, much the same way we at Vintage Meet Modern try to help our clients find the perfect pieces for them. In this case, shades.

In the online space, Bobbi Brown has also stayed competitive with a great virtual chatbox, easy return policy, virtually try-on by uploading your picture, a rewards program, and more. While cosmetic sales in the past have been few and far between, signing up for their emails and joining their rewards program has its perks with great sales from time to time.

Overall though I continue to wear Bobbi Brown lipstick because it solves my “problems.”

The lipstick line I wear from them is highly pigmented and moisturized and I confess, I am a lip licker. I frequently lick my lipstick off as a habit so having a highly pigmented moisturizing color means my lipstick stays on longer.

My lips are a very natural bright pink, which is wonderful, but it also means that I have to be mindful that colors don’t always look true on me because my lips are already very pink. It has been very hard for me to find “true reds” that actually look red on me. The same goes for pinks and especially neutrals, which just disappear on me when I wear them.  

The tubes last a long time! I wear lipstick daily and reapply it several times a day and the tubes last forever. They are a good investment in that you can get a lot of wear out of them.

It’s lipstick over eyeshadow in my world. I have small, very slanted eyes that almost disappear when I smile. No matter how hard I try, wearing eye makeup is a big chore for me, whereas, lipstick is a swipe and go. So when it comes to making a big impact with a tiny effort, lipstick always wins.

If you have ever watched a VMM video or seen a photo of me chances are I am wearing one of these shades.

Thank you so much for all of your questions and comments when I wear lipstick. I consider it an honor when you ask me which shade I am wearing.

The important thing is to put your jewelry on and some lipstick, too. Whether you are a Bobbi Brown girl or love to stop by the Revlon department at the drugstore, lipstick can be a great pick-me-up just like jewelry. It will only enhance your beautiful face.

Be sure to share with me your pictures, favorite shades, and brands, too.


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