November 07, 2019

Eeekkk! I am so excited because our latest collection has dropped.

November is looking hot, hot, hot!

As many of you know, the VMM collection is a labor of love, but we absolutely never tire of finding unique, amazing vintage jewelry pieces to set your look apart from the rest.

Our collections are designed to ensure you look and feel your best when wearing every piece.

Why? It’s simple!

Great style sets you up for success in all areas of your life. And that is truly what I want for every single one of you.

It’s been a busy, busy month here popping up at places like Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, because I like to support all of you not just when you get dressed but in your home and when you are entertaining, too.

We are always impressed with all of the wonderful people we meet who love to gift VMM to loved ones! Last Saturday at the Geneva Pottery Barn, we had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful woman shopping with her two daughters. The motherfell in love with a ring, and it was such a pleasant surprise that when the mother walked away, one of her daughters came back to our table and said, “I will take the ring, I want to surprise her for Christmas.”

It just warms our hearts when these treasures get to live on as thoughtful gifts for years to come!

At the Orland Park Pottery Barn on Sunday, we had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who said, “Wow, you just made Christmas a whole lot easier for me,” and she picked up brooches for all of her sisters. It was so nice because she said she picked each piece knowing each brooch would look fantastic with their winter coats.

I am telling you, Lovelies!Brooches make the best gifts, so it was no surprise that brooches and rings were popular all weekend long.

I am getting the same question over and over again which is, “what are my favorite pieces?” You know the collection is always changing and that is what I love, but I will let you in on a little secret – of course I have favorites in each one!

So without further adieu, here are my favoritesand why! I can’t wait to see who adds these beauties to their look, because they will definitely become your favorites, you will receive endless compliments when you wear them and of course, if you ever wanted to get that “VMM feeling and just bottle it up,” these pieces will do that for you.

Whenever you wear these pieces, you will feel it from the inside out because great style is not just what you wear, but it’s how you feel when you wear them.



Veronica's Favorites

Juliana Blue Green Brooch – admittedly these are my colors, but what I love about this brooch is the huge medallion size, and the way the navettes catch the light.

Milk Glass Brooch and Earrings – White is always classic with black (and literally everything else)

“Jackie Ring” – always love all things JKO!

Christian Dior Brooch – Classic

Zebra Bracelet – did you know that the Zebra is the spirit animal for balance in life and is often associated with Entrepreneurship, too? I would keep this one, but I already have two zebra bracelets and brooch in my personal collection.

1940s Dress/Fur Clip – I simply adore 1940s Style, and I also love a good dress/fur clip because you really cannot find them anymore. This one has nice lines and pretty colors.

Love anything that has a Cartier or David Webb feel. This piece is great because it’s numbered and made in the USA.

Malachite absorbs negative energy and opens your heart to unconditional love.

Cocktails, anyone? You know I am never going to turn down a good cocktail statement ring, or ten of them – a girl can never have enough!

Of course, all of the pieces in this collection are simply divine. Each one is unique and has been carefully selected for you with love and intention. Great style really and truly is just a sparkle away!

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