June 20, 2016

What do your stylish neighbor, your grandmother, and Kate Moss have in common? Did they all vacation in Monaco recently?  Eat brunch at the Plaza?  Have their own hashtag?  Did they just arrive home from the Barney's sale?  It could happen - well, okay, maybe not - but wouldn't it be fun if they did?  And wouldn't it be fun if we came along?

Who Wears Vintage?

Chances are, these women look chic and memorable, and each has a great style story.

The reason is...they are all vintage addicts.  
We have talked about what vintage is and why it rocks, and maybe you're asking, “but who really wears vintage?"  The answer is:  everyone!  And more people than you think.

So who wears vintage?

Let's start with your stylish neighbor.  You see her at Target and she looks amazing.  She wears the same white tee and khaki capris you keep in your closet.  A lady stops and asks her, “Where did you get your trench coat?  And is that a brooch?”  As you scoot your shopping cart closer, you hear your stylish neighbor say, "Thanks, they are both vintage."   What?!  Crash and cleanup in aisle six!   

Who Wears Vintage?

Did she reveal that the trenchcoat I see her dashing around in every day is vintage?  Isn't vintage the sort of stuff for grandmas and smelly antique shops?  Yes, vintage is for Grandma, and her fashion philosophy is a bit different, since she lived in an era before H&M and Top Shop.  I love these shops as much as the next gal, but let's take a few clues from Grandma's closet and remember a time when dressing was fun, stylish, and necessarily practical.  

Grandma and your stylish neighbor share one of the greatest secrets of how to look polished and put-together:  their wardrobes are basically “style capsules” containing basic clothing and some timeless jewelry pieces to accessorize them.  The jewelry brings the clothing to life.  And another style secret: accessories always fit!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Rachel Zoe, the Olsen Twins, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss...these are just a few of the world’s vintage-toting celebrities.  Although many of these women are privileged with exclusive stylists and front row seats at Fashion Week, theypersonally enjoy making style statements.  Each celeb knows how to set herself apart in a fast-changing world where everybody’s watching and the paparazzi screams, "Who are you wearing?"  For many of these sophisticated women, the answer is, "It’s vintage."   Many celebrities are prized collectors of particular designers, too.  Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin are reported to collect Bakelite jewelry.  Tomlin incorporated her collection into her wardrobe for her recurring role on “The West Wing”.   Lea Thompson and Demi Moore collect vintage accessories including rare handbags.  Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is a Chanel addict whose personal stylist searches online and in auction houses for rare Chanel handbags and jewelry.

So who is a collector?  

Much to my loving husband's chagrin, I am.  I collect many things.  Collectors help make the vintage world go round.   Many times I am asked how I know so much about jewelry, and the answer is: through good old fashioned research, whether from an online article or from a book.  Jewelry books are treasures to me.  At times they seem more like treasure maps, fueling a collector’s desire to possess all the pictured jewelry they see.  I am guilty as charged.  But for me, collecting goes deeper than competition or the pursuit of the holy grail.  

Who Wears Vintage?

Some people also collect because they are sentimental.  My favorite part of my job is connecting people to things they loved from their past.  Which brings me back to my own grandmother:  I buy pieces that remind me of her.

High quality vintage pieces are not just for celebrities, your grandmother, and collectors.  Honestly, vintage jewelry is for everyone.  

Some our favorite lifestyle and fashion bloggers show us over and over how vintage pieces elevate their timeless wardrobes.  If you are tired of the same t-shirt and jeans, or if you have one dress that you wear on rotation, that's great.  Finding flattering clothes is essential for the confident and fashionable woman.  But just like the great Grace Kelly, said, "Don't be like the rest of them, Darling."  Be daring, and select accessories that really help you sparkle and shine from the inside out.  Vintage. Gets. Noticed.  And it speaks volumes without saying a word.  We truly believe our collection speaks style.  Vintage Meet Modern’s collection has so many beautiful and unique pieces, each one owning a great story and a special place in fashion history.  Why not select a piece of your own?  You are sure to turn a few heads, and you will hear, "Where did you get that?"

Some of our favorite vintage picks: 

Who Wears Vintage?





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