June 17, 2016

Father’s Day is fast approaching.  And for many of us, finding the perfect gift for Dad is a big challenge.  I make no secret that my father is my greatest inspiration and hero.  While the women in my life shaped my love of fashion and jewelry, my father taught me the importance of dressing in details.  In his era, men wore suits and ties, and Casual Friday still meant dressing up.  And my father knew how to look distinguished.  I remember how he could change the look of his classic white dress shirts with this simple personal accessory: cufflinks.

A Very Thoughtful Father's Day Gift: Cufflinks

Cufflinks make a wonderful gift for men, especially fathers.  And our experts agree.  Known as “the cufflinks goddess”, Laura Orcutt ofLady and Librarian says, “cufflinks add a touch of personality to suits, and are conversation starters. They are fun to wear and collect. They are small and compact for easy storage. With such a large variety of styles, designs, themes and colors, cufflinks are a way to add a bit of personality.”  Richard Biasi of Richard’s Fabulous Finds states that cufflinks are a must for all men. He believes that every man should own at least one French cuff dress shirt in order to personalize his look with this wardrobe essential.  

A Very Thoughtful Father's Day Gift: Cufflinks

So while we’re usually all about the jewels for the gals, don’t discount the power of the ideal personal furnishing for a man.  “Make it simple but make it significant.”

For Father’s Day, I’m continuing the tradition of gifting my dad a set of cufflinks - this year’s are inspired by Dad’s hobby, fly fishing.  What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day?

Image of the man with cufflinks: Pinterest
All the other picturesby Karie Raab ~ Smile Through the Rain Photography - http://smilethroughtherain.com/

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