January 15, 2021

This weekend is special. It’s the “Better Together” Sale at Vintage Meet Modern or also known as the “Match Made In Heaven” Sale.

So many people start off January with resolutions: I will take better care of myself; I will shop more intentionally; I will be more resourceful; I will support more small businesses; I will lose weight and eat healthily; I will engage with more supportive and like-minded people.

I have heard it all, and I have even made some of these resolutions, too.

When I founded Vintage Meet Modern, it was founded and based on quite a few of the “resolutions” mentioned above, which I honestly think of more as healthy lifestyle changes because all of these resolutions have the ability to help you lead a life of better quality and personal contentment.

So I set out to create a collection that was curated. That flowed. That supported sustainability, pieces that worked together in harmony in all aspects, the pieces had to be able to be worn together literally i.e. necklaces had to match earrings, rings had to go with necklaces, etc. and the pieces did not need to be perfect matches, they worked together like an orchestra, a team, or even brushstrokes making up a beautiful piece of artwork.

They had to work with other jewelry you already own. It has to work with what hangs in your closet and what you actually wear.

They had to be a representation of a community or “coupling” of women who wore vintage jewelry because they loved it and appreciated it. It’s why Vintage Meet Modern is more than jewelry, it’s more of a movement and community of vintage jewelry loving gals from all over the world.

They to be a physical representation of how pre-loved pieces could and would be better together by what you and who you put it with. They had to work better than what you could find at the cash wrap of your local shop: mass-produced and enticing you to just throw something on to complete the look. The pieces could not be gimmicky, they had to be intentionally put together.

To “Elevate” style means you take something and make it just that much better when you add the “perfect piece.” I talk a lot about how vintage, pre-loved, with provenance, is that special something that elevates a woman’s personal style which in turn leads to more self-confidence.

As you can see, this sale is way more than Buy 1, Get 1 40% off. It’s a celebration of the perfect matches for you. The perfect coupling. It’s not this or that, it’s “this with that” are meant to be together for me.

Somethings are just better together. They are a match made in Heaven. I am true to my word when I put together each and every collection. The pieces must work together in harmony as a grouping, and they must work together with what you actually wear.

So as a personal shopper and stylist, I am excited to share with you my favorite “matches made in heaven” this weekend. I am also excited to see what combinations of pieces you add to your own collection. Be sure to tell me why you picked certain pieces to go together.


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