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How would you feel if something was named after you?
What an honor it would be.

We all know that jewelry and accessories are your jam, they are mine, too.

You love vintage jewelry because it creates a look completely unique to you. You can’t find the pieces easily anywhere else, they elevate and personalize your look, and they are out of production. It's a total style trifecta.

I’m always coming up with ways to show you how easy it is to wear vintage jewelry. When someone else came up with a way to wear our brooches and even named a bag after me, my jaw dropped.

The Veronica Bag.

Stacie from Darling Clutch Co named a bag “The Veronica Bag” after she created one of her hand-crafted statement bags featuring a turquoise brooch from VMM.

Oh my goodness! Not only is the bag amazing with rich elegant colors, it features a brooch in signature VMM turquoise blue. It is one of a kind.

Do you know what the best part is? You can have a bag named after you! Stacie and I love to make style dreams come true. It’s easier and more practical than you think.

Stacie also created another bag using one of the Maltese Style Brooch. She personally picked it because she knew she could create an incredible design using the brooch.

I spend hours searching for the perfect brooches to add to the VMM collection. She is the master creating one kind “it” bags which are btw not only beautiful but carefully crafted to be used. These are one kind of bags but just like vintage jewelry they are not meant to sit in your closet, they are meant to be used, worn, and enjoyed.

They easily hold your cell phone, lipstick, car keys, and a few other essentials you always carry + she has created bags that you can easily personalize by adding your favorite brooches in every material from sustainable cork to her classic cigar box bags which are made from vintage boxes.

Here are some examples of how I add different brooches to my Darling Clutch Bag.

So what are you waiting for when you get a brooch from Vintage Meet Modern and Bag from Darling Clutch Co you can have the “Leanne Bag,” “Gail Bag,” or “Michelle Bag.” Your name + Your Style.

Thank you so much for supporting VMM throughout the years, I know that many of you love the jewelry and continue to enjoy it because of the little bit of time we spend together from our weekly jewelry shows to the conversations behind the scenes. I never take your support of compliments and comments for granted.

The “Veronica Bag” is available and you can shop it at VMM or Darling Clutch Co.I’d be honored for one of you to add it to your collection.

If you want a truly personal bag, don’t forget you can pick a brooch from VMM and pin it to a Darling Clutch Co bag, or if you want to go one step further, you can always contact Stacie and she will create an amazing bag around your style and brooch from VMM.

I can’t wait to see what brooches you pick and how you wear them with a clutch or bag. I promise you will turn heads, fetch compliments, and most importantly smile knowing it’s unique to you.



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Rhonda Baker
Rhonda Baker

March 03, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed my clutch that I was privileged enough to win back in December!!! It is a showstopper and gets lots of attention. Being able to change out the brooches makes it quite a gorgeous staple for anyone’s wardrobe!!! Love my “Darling” clutch!!!!

Rhonda Baker
Rhonda Baker

March 03, 2021

The bag above with the Maltese Cross is absolutely dazzling! As a lover of the Maltese Cross, I have had my eye on that VMM

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