June 15, 2016

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to this weeks #WCW blog post.  Every week we are hoping to feature a woman that we are "crushing" on for a variety of reasons, their style, their life mission, their business or just because we find them truly inspiring.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heidi Daoud of Wishes to Reality

This week we are crushing on Heidi Daoud of the Chicago based blog Wishes to Reality.  Heidi aims through her blog and Instagram feed to inspire women embarking on careers, relationships and parenthood to put their best selves forward. She inspires the average women to put together accessible looks.  She gives you a sense that the look she is creating is attainable, for both the mom, the career woman and a woman just looking to look good on the town.  A post that caught our attention was when Heidi paired an Hermes Kelly bag with ripped jeans to create an updated casual look.

Here are a few questions we asked Heidi and her responses:

What is your personal style philosophy?

My style philosophy is less is usually more. I define my style as basic with a twist. I like wearing classic and timeless pieces and adding interest with accessories, which is why I'm so drawn to vintage.

What excites you in the fashion world?

I love that in this day and age there are no rules! Personal style, is just that: personal. I don't tend to follow style "rules" and prefer to dress for the occasion, rather than my age or body type. Fashion today is some much more about expressing yourself rather than conforming to trends and is very fluid. Its a great time to not only follow fashion, but develop your own sense of style.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heidi Daoud of Wishes to Reality

I'm also so excited about how bloggers have shifted the way fashion is consumed. Consumers are able to identify with real people based on their aesthetic or their life story or a myriad of other reasons and that is shaping how styling decisions are made. It's a much more personal-feeling experience, even as blogging has become more commercialized.

What are some of your influences in personal style choices today?

Blogging has been a huge influence on how I not only make style choices but define my own personal style. I love how some women wear bold colors and rock floral midi dresses, and there was a time when I thought, if I loved on someone else, that it would work for me too. Not so. Blogging has helped me identify my personal style and make smarter style choices and buying decisions.

How do you feel about vintage, and why vintage?

I love the story behind vintage pieces. I truly enjoying learning about the era a vintage piece comes from and who may have owned the piece in the past. Its such a great and tangible way to learn about a different time.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heidi Daoud of Wishes to Reality

What are your top 3 closet staples of what you own and why?

My top 3 staples are probably a comfortable and flattering pair of jeans, a classic breton striped sweater and a great-fitting LBD. Each are versatile and classic and can be styled multiple different ways. Whatever your style, closet staples should be versatile, comfortable, fit perfectly, and make you feel your best!

How has your style evolved since becoming a mother?

I would say first it devolved and then it evolved. In the beginning its all about practicality but as my children {and myself} have grown, so has my personal style. Although, I really don't think its about having children so much as it is about getting older and realizing what it is I really love and what makes me feel beautiful and confident, regardless of trends or what others are wearing.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heidi Daoud of Wishes to Reality

Favorite place to people watch and spot trends in Chicago?

I love people watching at many of the city's restaurants! Chicago has such a great food scene and so many restaurants have moved into the city that not only celebrate food, but style and atmosphere as well. Style watching is at its best in Chicago at a great restaurant like Fig & Olive, Hampton Social, Nico Osteria or 3 Arts Cafe!

To get more of your Wishes to Reality Fix Follow along on Instagram @wishes_reality or her blog wishesandreality.com

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